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"ThermoHedgehog" device for increasing the efficiency of using heat generated by autonomous heating devices of the "potbelly stove" type









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Svetlana Markova
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A.V. Luikov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer, represented by engineer Olga Ermakova, proposes a calculation method, design and production technology for the "TermoHedgehog" device to increase the efficiency of using heat generated by autonomous heating devices of the "potbelly stove" type based on commercial agreement with technical support, looking for partners for a joint venture agreement and on a research cooperation agreement .
The device "ThermoHedgehog" allows you to increase the efficiency of the use of thermal energy in furnaces "potbelly stoves". The heat that used to fly into the chimney thanks to "ThermoHedgehog" will remain in the room and help increase the fire safety of the chimney and reduce the amount of products burned to achieve the required room temperature. Thanks to the original design solution, the product is easily mounted on the chimney.

The presentation of the device can be found here (in Russian).
Advantages and Innovations
Increasing the efficiency of using thermal energy in "potbelly stoves".

Increasing fire safety during the operation of "potbelly stoves".

Elimination of the effect of burning in the chimneys of "potbelly stoves".

Reducing CO2 emissions.
Stage of development
Available for demonstration (TRL5,6)
Comments regarding stage of development
The device "ThermoHedgehog" is a laureate of the Republican youth project "100 ideas for Belarus 2023" in the nomination "Energy, including nuclear energy, and energy efficiency".
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Intelligent Energy

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M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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A.V. Luikov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of the NAS of Belarus is the largest scientific institution in the republic dealing with fundamental and applied problems of heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, energy, heat engineering, chemical physics, physics of combustion and explosion, nanotechnologies, as well as the creation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, devices and devices for energy and mechanical engineering, agro-industrial complex and construction industry, medicine, chemical, electronic, radio engineering, food industry, space industry.

Main directions of scientific and technical activity:
- processes of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous bodies, disperse systems, rheological and turbulent media, non-equilibrium flows, low-temperature plasma and in the interaction of radiation with matter;
- dynamics, transfer and elementary processes in systems with chemical and phase transformations;
- physical kinetics, heat transfer and transport processes on micro- and nanoscales;
- energy-efficient heat and mass transfer technologies, equipment and devices;
- transfer processes, heat transfer in biological systems and complex molecules;
- physical and structural properties of substances, materials and surfaces under internal structuring and extreme impacts;
- mechanics of liquids, gases and plasma;
- mechanics and rheology of viscoelastic media under shear, temperature, electromagnetic influences;
- numerical methods and software packages for numerical simulation of physical, chemical and heat transfer processes;
- catalytic technologies and equipment for the production of hydrogen, synthesis-, endo- and exo-gases, synthetic and mixed fuels;
- technologies and equipment for the processes of obtaining nano- and micro-structures and materials;
- plasma, plasma-chemical and chemical methods of waste treatment and disposal.

The Institute carries out scientific, scientific-organizational and scientific-production cooperation with academic and industry research institutes, universities, design bureaus, associations and enterprises of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, China, USA, India, Germany, Poland , Czech Republic, Israel, Brazil, Italy, France and other countries.
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Joint venture agreement
Research cooperation agreement
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Partners interested in purchasing the "ThermoHedgehog" device under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partners interested in acquiring the production technology of the "ThermoHedgehog" device under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partners interested in creating a joint venture for the production of the "TermoHedgehog" device. Tasks performed by the partner: financing the activities of the joint venture, participation in the management of the enterprise.

Partners interested in improving the methods of calculation, design and equipment for the production of the device "ThermoHedgehog" under a research cooperation agreement.
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SME 51-250
SME 11-50
SME <= 10
R&D Institution
Sole proprietor


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