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Natalia Mikhaseva
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OJSC "Minsk Research Institute of Radio Materials" offers consumers and distributors optoelectronic products under a manufacturing or distribution agreement.
The Institute developed and produces 7 optoelectronic products:
1. The laser diode driver. The laser diode driver is designed to generate pulsed laser diode guidance systems, and can also be used as tooling validation parameters, burn-in testing, laser diodes, and laser diode arrays testing.
2. MICROASSEMBLY ЕОМ 202. Designed for operation in digital optical transmission modules with TTL input electrical signals in fiber-optic equipment of information networks at speeds up to 125 Mbit/s.
3. MICROASSEMBLY ОЕМ 210М. Designed to operate in digital optical receiver modules with TTL output signals in the equipment of fiber-optic communications lines with transfer rate up to 125 Mbit/s.
4. Optoelectronic digital receiving module OEM 302. Designed to convert an optical signal into an electric at speeds up to 2.5 Gb/s.
5. Electrooptical module EOM 301. Designed to convert a digital electrical signal into an optical with a transfer rate of 2,5 Gb/s.
6. Threshold photodetector TPD 2. It is intended to record the pulse of laser energy, exceeding a specified threshold level.
7. Converter Optoelectronic OEP 28-3. Designed for the registration of pulsed laser radiation with a valuation of the front output pulse relative to the starting pulse in a wide range of input optical power.

Product specifications can be found here.

The Institute offers consumers and distributors 7 optoelectronic products under a manufacturing or distribution agreement.

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The Institute is the only place in the Republic of Belarus that develops and manufactures optoelectronic products.
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies
Nano and micro technologies

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C.26.11 - Manufacture of electronic components
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The Institute successfully works in the area of development and production of electronic components of microwave technology, based on advanced semiconductors А3 В5 compounds, always extending the list of rendering services and manufacturing products.

​​More than 210 design and scientific researches for more than 50 large enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation were made by the specialists of the Institute.

The work is performed by highly qualified specialists with many years of working experience. Original techniques are used, in particular, a technique of controlling and testing of microwave components C, S, L, X, K wavebands, micromechanics, and sensor technology developed by institute specialists.

The Institute is the only place in the Republic of Belarus that develops and manufactures optoelectronic products and microwave monolithic integrated systems of the increased degree of integration, sensor technology based on micromechanics.

Today, the Institute specializes in the following areas:
- development and manufacturing of hardware components and functional units of microwave technology(solid-state microwave monolithic integrated circuits - low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers, protection devices, switches, attenuators, frequency converters, microwave modules, etc.);
- development and manufacturing of optoelectronic components and elements based on them (photodetectors, light-emitting diodes, semiconductor laser modules, receiving and transmitting optical modules);
- development of the materials for the semiconductor industry - GaAs wafers of «epi-ready» standard;
- development and manufacturing of sensor equipment, elements, and systems (tilt, pressure, acceleration sensors, electronic compass, etc.).
- development of sensor techniques, modules, and systems (tilt, pressure, acceleration sensors, electronic compass, gas sensors, etc.);
- development and manufacturing of medical equipment;
- exposure mask and plate manufacturing services.
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Consumers interested in purchasing optoelectronic products under a manufacturing agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing optoelectronic products under a distribution agreement.
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