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Automated control system for the legality of production and import of light industry products for a specific group of light industry goods based on RFID technologies (AS "Control of legality of goods", AS KLT)









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Aliaksandr Reshetniak
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The Center for Identification Systems offers consumers and distributors an automated system for controlling the legality of production and import of light industry products for a specific group of light industry goods based on RFID technologies (AS "Product Legality Control", AS KLT) under an outsourcing agreement or distribution agreement.
The automated system "Control of the legality of goods" (AS KLT) is designed to monitor events occurring with a product in the supply chain on its way from the manufacturer to the end customer. Analysis of this sequence of events by means of AS KLT allows you to inform the user about the legality (or illegality) of finding the goods in circulation.

The system is intended for use by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production of goods, their import into the customs territory of the country, wholesale and (or) retail trade in goods subject to marking with control (identification) marks with built-in radio frequency tags (RFID tags), as well as control authorities and end-users.

AS KLT includes the following components:
* central unit of AS KLT, which provides storage of data necessary for the system, implementation of service functions of the system, and maintenance of reference information. The central node of AS KLT is implemented on the basis of GS1 EPCGlobal standards;
* AWP for preparing orders for the initialization of KIZ;
* AWP for marking goods;
* AWP for analyzing the results of inspections of marked goods.
The AS KLT server includes the following components:
* server administration module AS KLT;
* module for managing the policy of access to information;
* service department of the AS KLT server.

The system provides the following functions:
- assignment of identification numbers (bar codes) for products (goods) of manufacturers and suppliers of the Republic of Belarus;
- maintaining a database of identification numbers for products - the Republican Depository of bar codes;
- development of file-masters of bar codes for subsequent marking of products.

Information about the products of manufacturers, posted in the AIS "Goods and Services", is available anywhere in the world, which increases the competitiveness of manufactured products and expands the scope of export operations.

More than 3000 enterprises of Belarus are the users of the system.
Advantages and Innovations
AS KLT combines the most advanced technologies for identifying goods that meet international standards - bar coding, RFID tagging, electronic certification of goods.
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Already on the market
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The system has been in operation since 2006 by the Association for Automatic Identification GS1 Bel. and the Center for Identification Systems.
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ICT Industry & Services

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Industry SME 50-249
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J.61.90 - Other telecommunications activities
J.62.09 - Other information technology and computer service activities
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The Center actively participates in the work of the UNECE international structures: CEFACT (Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business), the UNECE Working Group on Standardization and Cooperation Policies (WP.6), the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards (WP.7 ).

The center cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers of RFID equipment: NXP Semiconductors, Motorola, FEIG ELECTRONIC, etc.
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Consumers interested in using AS KLT under an outsourcing agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing the automated system under a distribution agreement.
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> 500 MNE
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