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Svetlana Gracheva
The Scientific and Practical Center for Animal Husbandry offers consumers a technology for creating transgenic laboratory animals by microinjection into the pronuclei of fertilized mouse zygotes of gene constructs under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and is looking for partners to conclude an research cooperation agreement.
The technology is aimed at creating transgenic laboratory animals by microinjection into the pronuclei of fertilized mouse zygotes of gene constructs, which are expression cassettes carrying human gene regions under the regulation of promoters that provide tissue-specific expression of the target gene. The technology includes the stages of creating transgenic mice by delivering expression vectors based on plasmid DNA and carrying human gene sequences controlled by non-viral regulatory elements of various origins into the animal genome:
* creation and development of genetically engineered structures aimed at obtaining transgenic mice;
* preparative isolation and purification of DNA preparations containing gene constructs;
* preparation of experimental animals for the introduction of exogenous DNA;
* work on the delivery of gene constructs into the genome of mice by pronuclear microinjection.
Advantages and Innovations
Obtaining transgenic animal producers of pharmacologically active human proteins in the future can lay the foundation for the development of domestic pharmaceutical substances of recombinant human proteins and new generation biological products, contributing to import substitution and reducing the cost of some types of antimicrobial and thrombolytic drugs by 0.5..2 times. The economic effect from the created gene constructs will be about 250 thousand US dollars per 1 gene construct.
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The technology is ready for development, an experimental line of transgenic animals producing recombinant proteins has been created.
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A.01.41 - Raising of dairy cattle
A.01.45 - Raising of sheep and goats
A.01.46 - Raising of swine/pigs
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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The Scientific and Practical Center for Animal Husbandry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the only scientific center in the country that conducts research in the field of breeding, reproduction, keeping technology and effective diets for feeding farm animals. Coordinates the activities of four subsidiary unitary enterprises. The main goal of the Scientific and Practical Center is to concentrate the scientific potential of the republic on improving the efficiency of animal husbandry through the comprehensive conduct of scientific research and the introduction of scientific developments into production, their author's support, as well as the advanced training of livestock specialists through courses, seminars, conferences, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The main directions of scientific and scientific-technical activity of the organization are:
- Carrying out fundamental and applied research aimed at developing effective methods for the accelerated rock-forming process and the reproduction of farm animals;
- Improvement of bred in the republic and breeding of new breeds, crosses, types and lines of farm animals (dairy and beef cattle, pigs, horses and sheep), birds and fish;
- Development of environmentally friendly technologies for feeding, keeping, reproduction and use of animals, ensuring the maximum manifestation of their genetic potential with minimal labor, energy and feed;
- Development of new compositions of feed and feed additives based on local sources of raw materials;
- Finding ways to increase the efficiency of the transformation of feed energy into livestock products;
- Development of therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic veterinary preparations;
- Improving the technology of feeding, keeping and using animals, birds and fish;
- Training of scientific personnel and advanced training of zootechnical specialists.
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Consumers interested in purchasing the technology of creating transgenic laboratory animals by microinjection into the pronuclei of fertilized mouse zygotes of gene constructs on the basis of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partners interested in an research cooperation agreement.
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