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Margarita Bortnik
The Institute of Genetics and Cytology offers sports genetics services to consumers using a system for genetic testing of sports success and resistance to physical activity under an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
A system has been developed for genetic testing of athletes by the genes of sports success and resistance to physical activity, which allows you to correctly select candidates for sports of various directions, plan the training process taking into account the individual genotypic characteristics of athletes, and also adjust their individual medical and biological support.

The system of genetic testing in sports, which includes both genes associated with the development of various physical qualities, and genes responsible for possible life-threatening and health-threatening consequences of physical and emotional stress. Comparison of the genotypes of 450 representatives of 25 Olympic and national teams made it possible to identify gene variants that make a significant contribution to the predisposition to achieve high sports results in various sports, and to develop "Programs for the selection of beginner athletes" in 4 sports areas: speed-strength, game, difficult-coordination and requiring endurance.

At the same time, it was shown that rare polymorphic variants that contribute to high sports achievements are more characteristic of honored masters of sports and masters of sports of international class, and the higher the qualification of athletes, the more often allelic variants favorable for sports are found in their genotypes. These data indicate that in order to achieve high sports results, it is necessary to have the appropriate genetic potential, in the absence of which all efforts may be unsuccessful.

Detailed information can be found here. (Catalogue of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus "Applied Developments").

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Unique techniques. Highly qualified staff. License of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus for genetic laboratory diagnostics.
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A.01.61 - Support activities for crop production
A.01.62 - Support activities for animal production
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
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Main areas of research:

– Study of the structural and functional organization of the genomes of plants, animals, humans and microorganisms;
– Studying the problems of genetic and cellular engineering;
– Development of genetic bases for breeding plants, animals and microorganisms;
– Creation of genomic technologies for agriculture, healthcare, sports, environmental protection;
– Study of biosafety issues;
– Provision of services for DNA marking and DNA certification of plants, animals, humans and microorganisms;
– Collection and preservation of unique DNA samples as sources of valuable genetic information;
– Monitoring of the genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus, promotion of access to genetic resources and benefit sharing;
– Provision of services for determining the content of genetically modified ingredients in food raw materials and food products.

International agreements on scientific partnership have been concluded with the Medical Genetic Research Center (Russia), the Estonian Biocenter (Estonia), the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), the National Institute of Biology of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia, Institute of Plant Genetic Resources “K. Malkov”, Sadovo of Agricultural Academy (Bulgaria), Ivane Beritashvili Center for Experimental Biomedicine (Georgia), Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology SB RAS (Russia), etc.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing a sports genetics service using a genetic testing system for sports performance and exercise tolerance under an outsourcing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing a sports genetics service using a genetic testing system for sports performance and exercise tolerance under a distribution services agreement.
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