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Clay mineralized product for the construction of impervious screens for solid waste landfills










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Ludmila Ovseenko
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The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry is looking for consumers of clay mineralized products for the construction of impervious screens for landfills for solid domestic waste within the framework of a production agreement and partners to conclude an agreement on distribution services.
The mineralized clay product is produced from clay-salt wastes of potash production according to the first developed technology of phase separation of liquid clay-salt wastes of potash production. The developed technology makes it possible to isolate and return to the technical process the liquid phase (brine), which provides a significant saving of resources (potassium). From an environmental point of view, it is important to reduce storage areas and reduce the risks of flooding with liquid salt waste from potash production .

Appearance - a homogeneous pasty mass of gray color, odorless. Humidity is about 30%, the pH of the water extract (pH) 5..9. Refers to low-hazard substances (IV class of hazard), does not contain toxic substances. It has a plastic structure, it compresses well and, in the form of a compacted dried layer with a thickness of 0.5 m to 1 m, does not lose its strength and permeability. The product contains 75..80% clay, 20..25% mineral salts (potassium and sodium chlorides) and 0.1..0.2% high molecular weight polyacrylamide. The chemical and mineralogical composition is close to that of clay soils (loams). The source of origin is the clay component of sylvinite ore.
Advantages and Innovations
Technical advantages over commonly used mineral (clay) screens made of compacted clay or loam are that the new mineralized clay product has a unique structure due to the presence of polymer. This structure provides plasticity of the material without stickiness, which is important for the formation of screens using the technique, and also increases the strength and reduces the permeability of the screens after compaction due to the additional bonding of clay particles and mineral crystals with polymer contacts.
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The mineralized clay product is produced from clay-mineral waste of potash production on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (Soligorsk, JSC "Belaruskali") in large quantities (4-6 thousand tons per month) with low cost due to the use of potash production waste.
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The institute is looking for consumers of clay mineralized products within the framework of a manufactoring agreement and partners to conclude a distribution service agreement.
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