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Soil-cultivating and sowing unit APP-9, diamond-shaped disc cultivator LDR-9, large bale accumulator NT-3









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Dmitry Gorelikov
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The Scientific and Production Center for Agricultural Mechanization offers agricultural equipment to consumers on the basis of a manufactoring agreement and is looking for partners to conclude an distribution services agreement.
The soil-cultivating-sowing unit APP‑9 is a domestic soil-cultivating-sowing unit with a working width of 9 m for pre-sowing soil preparation and row sowing of grain and other crops with the simultaneous application of granular mineral fertilizers. The APP-9 design has a universal frame on which tillage sections are mounted, which are independent mounted machines with a working width of 3 m, the coulter bar is removable. All this allows in the future to complete the unit with soil-cultivating working bodies and coulters, most fully adapted to the conditions of use, especially when supplying the unit to a foreign market.

Rhomboid disc cultivator LDR‑9 is designed for stubble stubble plowing of grain crops and semi-fallow tillage. The working bodies of the LDR‑9 are made in the form of cast all-metal spherical discs with an eye on the outside and a hook inside, thanks to which the discs are assembled into a chain and mounted on the cultivator frame in the form of a rhombus, they work on the principle of a flexible or chain shaft. This design provides better copying of the relief and increases the reliability of the technological process.

The storage of large-size bales NT-3 is aggregated with balers and ensures the accumulation and orderly unloading (grouping) of large-sized bales on the field during the pressing of grass and straw. NT-3 is equipped with a non-contact electro-hydraulic control system for the process of bale accumulation on the platform and systems for automatic and manual grouping (unloading) of bales on the field.
Advantages and Innovations
The degree of cost reduction of mechanized works when using APP-9 - 29.8%, NT-3 - 5.26%. The payback period for absolute capital investments in LDR-9 is 2.6 years.
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A.01.11 - Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
A.01.13 - Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
A.01.19 - Growing of other non-perennial crops
A.01.29 - Growing of other perennial crops
A.01.61 - Support activities for crop production
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The manufactured machines fully comply with international standards, have certificates of conformity of the Customs Union and the European Union.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing agricultural equipment produced by the Center under a manufactoring agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing agricultural equipment produced by the Center under a distribution services agreement.
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> 500
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