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Charcoal production technology and pyrolysis equipment OP-800 for its production









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Evgeny Shmelev
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The Institute of Energetics offers consumers charcoal production technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, pyrolysis equipment for its production under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a technical cooperation agreement.
A technology for the production of charcoal with a capacity of 200 tons/year has been developed, which ensures a short production cycle and high energy efficiency of the process due to the utilization of pyrolysis gas. To implement the technology, pyrolysis equipment OP-800 was developed, designed to produce high-quality charcoal.
The Institute offers the supply of technology and single pieces of equipment under contracts.

Main technical characteristics of OP-800:

Type of equipment
 Number of chambers in the reactor  5
 Productivity, kg 
 - daily  up to 800
 - hour shift time up to 27.8
 The volume of wood loading into the basket, m3 1.5
 Operating temperature in the reactor, °С up to 600
Thermal power, kW 
 up to 100
 Installed power, kW  64
 Overall dimensions of the basket, mm- length 1,000;
- width 1000;
- height 1000.

The equipment consists of a thermally insulated five-chamber reactor with removable covers with baskets with raw materials (wood material) installed in the chambers and connected by a system of pipelines (collectors) with dampers, a combustion device, a flue gas emission system, including a smoke exhauster and a chimney, a cooling system, including water treatment system (cleaning, increasing water pressure to a predetermined value) and nozzles, control systems.

The following have been developed and are being used: mathematical models that make it possible to optimize technological processes in the OP-800 reactor; a set of design documentation and an experimental sample of pyrolysis equipment OP-800.
The scope of application is the production of carbon-containing raw materials for metallurgical production, pharmacology, fuel for individual consumers, ensuring the annual import substitution of charcoal imported into the republic.

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Advantages and Innovations
Technical and economic advantages:
- high performance;
- increased output and quality of charcoal;
- ease of maintenance of equipment and the possibility of organizing a continuous automated process;
- low specific energy consumption compared to charcoal kilns;
- heat-resistant materials used in the construction provide high reliability and long service life.
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Intelligent Energy

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C.28.99 - Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
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The main task set before the Institute of Energetics is scientific support for the development of the energy complex of the Republic of Belarus. The Institute conducts scientific research in the field of energy, takes part in the development and provides scientific support for the implementation of state programs of scientific research on energy, energy conservation and local energy resources, solves the problems of ensuring energy security and increasing the energy independence of the country, conducts energy surveys (energy audits) of enterprises and organizations, develops measures to improve the efficiency of the use of fuel and energy resources, carries out an examination of scientific, scientific, technical and national economic programs, innovative projects, as well as draft regulatory legal acts, develops, designs and manufactures high-tech energy-efficient equipment.
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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Technical cooperation agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing charcoal production technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and pyrolysis equipment for its production under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in developing charcoal production technology and improving the design of pyrolysis equipmentunder technical cooperation agreement.
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SME 51-250
SME 11-50
SME <= 10
R&D Institution
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