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The technology of multi-frequency fractionation of bulk materials and the production line for its implementation









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Artsem Makarevich
NPO "Center" offers consumers the technology of multi-frequency fractionation of bulk materials under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, as well as a production line for its implementation under a manufacturing agreement, and is looking for partners to conclude a technical cooperation agreement.
The technology of multi-frequency fractionation of bulk materials is used for sieving bulk materials along boundaries of 0.1 mm or more.

Production lines implementing the technology are used in the chemical industry, in the processing of mineral raw materials, plastics, in the food and mining industries, in the production of building materials, ceramics, metallurgy, woodworking, etc.

Separation of materials in accordance with the proposed technology along the boundary up to 50 microns (which is ten times finer than on classic screens). This prevents clogging and sticking of the screens, resulting in high screening efficiency and the ability to separate materials with high initial moisture. The technology and the production line provide high accuracy of separation of products into fractions compared to traditional screens, high specific screening performance (for fine classes less than 1 mm, the performance is 4 or more times higher), and high sieve durability. When screening at a boundary of 1.5 mm on traditional screens with a grid that are operated for 4-5 days, multi-frequency screens can be operated up to 4 weeks, and their replacement is 5 times faster. The technology and the production line ensure the breakdown of particle agglomerates and low energy consumption for the screening process (to achieve the same performance, the power used is 3 or more times lower).
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The cost of the line is 30-50% lower than that of other manufacturers, which enables domestic consumers to purchase high-quality equipment at a significantly lower price.
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The production base of JSC "NPO Center", equipped with modern equipment, makes it possible to perform almost all types of metalworking, shot blasting, high-quality painting, ensures the manufacture of large-sized structures of increased complexity, crushing and screening, medical equipment, attractions, technological lines, complexes, non-standardized equipment. The company provides a full range of services related to the use of equipment and technologies.

The presence of modern universal CNC milling machines DMU -60 T2 and a 5-coordinate machining center FUQ 150-VR / 10 with a working stroke along the X, Y, Z axes of 9000x1500x2000 mm and a positioning accuracy of 20 microns makes it possible to manufacture high-precision parts, including large-sized, by milling various surfaces, drilling, boring, threading.

Machine MS MTT 1600, machines TRK 80, W100, 2H637G F1 provide the production of units, mechanisms and medium-sized parts weighing up to 20,000 kg.

The enterprise has such unique technological equipment as lathes 1L532, 1540F1, which are capable of processing large parts with a diameter of up to 4 m, a height of up to 2 m and a weight of up to 60,000 kg. sheet bending presses CNC HAP 4100-160 with CNC, IA 1434, IB 2424A for bending and rolling metal sheets up to 25 mm thick and up to 5000 mm wide.

Welding production is equipped with modern energy-saving welding equipment operating in a pulsed mode, which saves energy and ensures the performance of high-quality welded joints. The enterprise has a mechanized complex for automatic welding and surfacing in shielding gases RTK IRB 1600-6/1.45, which allows to reduce the labor intensity of surfacing with a wear-resistant coating by 50% and increase the durability of products during operation by more than 30%, as well as 30 welding stations certified according to DIN 188000-7 class E.

An automated plasma cutting complex created by the enterprise for automated figured and linear cutting of sheet metal from corrosion-resistant, ferrous and non-ferrous metals with high productivity and guaranteed cut quality (thickness of the cut metal: plasma - 0.5-80 mm, autogenous - 20-250 mm ) allows you to reduce the material consumption, energy intensity of products, significantly reduce labor costs in its production through the use of rational automated cutting of metal, the removal of additional machining from the technological process and manual gas cutting operations.

The waterjet cutting complex KGR-01 manufactured by JSC "NPO Center" allows cutting sheet metal, non-conductive materials of various densities (from granite to foam rubber) with high productivity and guaranteed cut quality.

Balancing machine mod. MS 9717 DMR allows you to balance parts weighing up to 1000 kg, with an outer diameter of up to 1800 mm.

Radial drilling machine mod. The RFh 100/3000 allows drilling holes up to 170 mm in diameter in workpieces up to 6,000 mm in diameter.

In 2013, the enterprise organized a site for the manufacture of large-sized products weighing up to 32,000 kg.
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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Technical cooperation agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing the technology of multi-frequency fractionation of bulk materials under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, as well as a production line for its implementation under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in developing the technology of multi-frequency fractionation of bulk materials and improving production lines for its implementation ubder a technical cooperation agreement.
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> 500
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SME 51-250


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