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The electroslag remelting installation is used for production of alloyed steel ingots or bimetallic casting blocks for worm wheels.
The electroslag installation consists of an electrode gripping, driving and correction mechanism, a power supply, a low-voltage circuit, a liquid start device, a billet extraction mechanism, and an installation control system.
The electrode gripping, driving and correction mechanism is for holding and three- coordinate displacement of the electrode. The mechanism grips the electrode at home, moves it into a position above a crystallizer and then downwards into an initial operating point. It regularly feeds the electrode during the melting process, stops it in the end of melting in a preset point, and moves a stub into an unload point where it is released. All operations are performed hands-free in accordance with an execute program.
Depending on configuration, the mechanism has one or three servomotors with position sensors ensuring positioning of the electrode relative to the crystallizer to an accuracy of ± 1 mm in one or three coordinates. The mechanism makes it possible to remelt consumable electrodes up to 100 kg in weight and up to 1500 mm in length.
The electroslag installation can be equipped with PATON А622А or ТШС3000 power supplies (transformers). The transformer stepwise changes an operating voltage due to changing a total number of coils of the primary winding. It is fed by a single-phase alternative current (380 V ± 20 % /50 Hz). The transformer is turned on and off in both automatic mode (under the program) and manual ones. The power supply ensures production of tool steel ingots in diameters up to 450 mm.
The low-voltage circuit connects the power supply with the electrode gripping mechanism (aluminum power rails, flexible water-cooled cable) and a water-cooled crucible table (aluminum power rails).
The liquid start device is for melting flux metal and maintainingя it in a liquid state. It is graphite crucible melting furnace with a crucible protective housing, a graphite electrode with an electrode displacement mechanism, and a rotation gear for pouring flux metal into the crystallizer. Operating current parameters of the melting furnace and a drive of the rotation gear are controlled in automatic and manual modes. The melting furnace does not require a separate power supply and is connected to a secondary winding of the main power supply.
The billet extraction mechanism is a hydro-mechanical system for mechanized and automated removal of billets from the crystallizer.
The installation control system is an information- management system and ensures:
- three-coordinate monitoring of the electrode position relative to the crystallizer (with a latest position memory function);
- three-coordinate electrode displacement in loading, melting, and unloading modes under the preset program;
- automatic two-coordinate electrode positioning ± 1 mm in the surfacing process;
- automatic control and maintenance of current parameters within each interval of the surfacing process under the preset program to produce qualitative castings;
- maintenance of the operating current in the liquid start device within program preset values;
- storage of five execute programs for surfacing of various types of parts;
- output of diagnostic messages of electrics input-output status.
Advantages and Innovations
Technical advantages of the electroslag remelting installation are the following:
- single-stage process of tool steel scrap processing
(Separate performing of metallurgical processes of sulphur removal, degassing and out-of-furnace treatment for reduction of detrimental and nonmetallic impurities);
- universal equipment (the same installation can produce both alloyed steel ingots and bimetallic billets);
- improved chemical homogeneity of ingots and a surfaced section of bimetallic blanks, caused by presence of directional solidification and small volumes of liquid metal when performing electroslag remelting in water-cooled crystallizers;
- compact equipment and simple maintenance.
Economic efficiency is that the installation can compete with the most composite and expensive analogous installations by ensuring a broader spectrum of castings which can be produced at much less cost and without sufficiently high requirements to qualification of personnel.
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