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Andrei Navoichik
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The Institute of Forest offers consumers services on forestry expertise in the field of reforestation and afforestation under a manufacturing agreement or an outsorsing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The expertise is carried out in the following areas:
- determination of taxation indicators of plantings;
- determination of the quality of allotment and valuation of cutting areas;
- assessment of the quality of logging;
- determination of the quality of logging operations and examination of felling sites;
- assessment of the validity of the use of forest fund plots provided for various types of forest management;
- assessment of the quality of work on reforestation and afforestation;
- determination of the quality of the carried out forest protection measures;
- determination of the sanitary condition of plantings;
- assessment of the degree of impact of adverse biotic factors on the state of artificial and natural plantations;
- assessment of the degree of damage to the environment.
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Unique certified methods. Highly qualified staff
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A.02.10 - Silviculture and other forestry activities
A.02.40 - Support services to forestry
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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The Institute of Forest of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the only specialized research institution that provides a modern scientific, technical and innovative level of development of the country's forestry.

The Institute of Forest has a well-equipped material, technical and instrumental base that ensures the conduct of research work at a modern scientific and methodological level.

The Institute carries out active scientific cooperation with research institutes and higher educational institutions of the CIS countries and far abroad.

Pilot testing of scientific and technical developments of the institute is carried out at its three experimental forest bases: Dvinskaya, Zhornovskaya and Korenevskaya.

Field of activities:
- study of the genetic, physiological and bio-chemical mechanisms for the formation of forest productivity and sustainability;
- improvement of the scientific foundations of reproduction, rational use and protection of forest resources;
- development of technologies for sustainable forest management and forest utilization;
- development of technologies for forest regeneration on a genetic and selective basis, increasing their productivity, environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation;
- development of methods, means and technologies for forest protection from fires and pests;
- development of methods and technologies for rehabilitation of man-impacted forest areas; development of methods and technologies for protection and reproduction of non-timber forest products, the use of biotechnology for industry, agriculture, medicine and environmental protection.

The normative-technical base of the Republic of Belarus for forestry was developed by the institute or with its participation.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing forestry expertise in the field of reforestation and afforestation under a manufacturing agreement or an outsourcing agreement.

Partners interested in purshasing forestry expertise in the field of reforestation and afforestation under a distribution services agreement.
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