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Natalia Mikhaseva
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OJSC "Minsk Research Institute of Radio Materials" offers consumers and distributors a wide range of microwave components under a manufacturing or distribution agreement.
The Institute developed and produces 16 items of electronic components microwave technology based on advanced semiconductor materials A3 B5:
1. GaAs wafers. MRIOR manufactures GaAs wafers on its own production site. GaAs wafers are made according to “epi-ready” technology using technologies and chemical compositions of Fujimi Corporation (Japan). Application field: the manufacture of integrated microwave circuits, LEDs, IR emitters, including semiconductor lasers, satellite solar panels, etc.
2. The power amplifier 30-36 GHz. The power amplifier 30-36 GHz is used as a power amplifier transmitting sealed microwave modules.
3. The power amplifier 9-10 GHz. Application field: Radar, radio monitoring, radio-electronic devices, radio measuring equipment.
4. Low noise amplifier (LNA). Low noise amplifier is used to enhance small electric microwave signals in the input circuits of receiving devices and circuits gain heterodyne signals of the frequency synthesizer in the pressurized modules.
5. Amplifiers UK 2 6106, UK 4 6106, UK 8 6106, UK 6106. Designed to enhance the small electric microwave signals in the frequency range 0,75-12 GHz in the input circuits of receiving equipment and circuits of gain heterodyne signal frequency synthesizers.
6. POWER AMPLIFIERS PA1 AND PA2. Designed to upgrade the transmission channels of radar stations.
7. Solid-state LNA block with shields LNA ZU1 and LNA ZU2. Designed to upgrade the radar input blocks.
8. One switch on two channels. Designed to switch electrical signal in the range of frequencies 0-12 GHz.
9. Monolithic digital attenuator MDA 1113. Designed for use in ultra-wideband receiving and transmitting microwave modules.
10. Monolithically- integrated power amplifier PA 8 1107. Designed for use as a preamplifier of microwave transmitting pressurized modules.
11. Phase shifter module 9-11 GHz. Designed to control the phase of the microwave signal.
12. Coordinated Switch Module 0-18 GHz. Designed for switching microwave signal.
13. Frequency converter module 14-22GHz. It is intended to convert the signal frequency.
14. Frequency converter module 6-18 GHz. It is intended to convert the signal frequency.
15. 2 - 4 GHz Safety Device Module. The Device is intended for protecting input receivers from overloading.
16. Safety Device 2,5-12 GHz. The Device is intended for protecting input receivers from overloading.

Product specifications can be found here.

The Institute offers consumers and distributors 16 products of the electronic component base of microwave technology under a manufacturing or distribution agreement.
Advantages and Innovations
In the design and manufacture of the microwave range items used original techniques, in particular, a technique developed by the Institute for control and test microwave components C, S, L, X, K wavelength ranges, micromechanics, and sensor technology.
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The Institute’s scope of activities include the design and manufacturing of the equipment as follows:
- basic electronic devices and functional units for the microwave equipment (solid-state microwave monolithic ICs - power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, safety devices, switches, attenuators, frequency convectors, microwave modules);
- optoelectronic components and modules (photodetectors, light-emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers, receiving and transmitting optical modules);
- materials for the semiconductor equipment manufacturing - substrate of the GaAs of the standard «epi-ready»;
- sensors and related equipment -modules and systems (slope angle sensors, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, gas sensors, electronic compass);
- medical equipment and devices (glucose blood sensors “Glucosen”, oxygen inhalers).

The scientific and industrial base is a special technological and research equipment for the development and execution of the full cycle technological process manufacture microwave, optoelectronic components, sensors of physical quantities on the basis of MEMS, equipment for the manufacture of medical products.

In particular, the equipment allows operations for cutting semiconductor ingots A3B5 compounds (GaAs, GaN, InP, etc.), grinding and polishing of wafers, epitaxial growth, the operation of thermal diffusion and implantation of dopants, packaged chips operations, control their parameters, etc.

To provide the current design rules the Institute has licensed software for electrodynamics’ calculations, its own standard elements library, the testing technique of microwave components C, S, L, X, K wavelength ranges, equipment electron lithography with a resolution of 100 nm.

There are developing technologies, components, and devices based on it for a variety of electronic systems within specialization: radar systems, fiber-optic communication lines, laser rangefinders, object leveling, and positioning systems, control, guidance, and navigation systems, etc.
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