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Technology for producing copper chloride reinforced electrode tape and line for its production









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Alena Patuk
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The Institute of Metal Technology offers consumers a technology for producing copper chloride reinforced electrode tape and a line for its production under a commercial agreement with technical assistace and is looking for partners to conclude a licensing agreement.
The technology for producing continuous electrode strip and the technological line for its production is a set of methods and equipment for continuous casting of electrode strip in mold rollers while simultaneously feeding molten copper monochloride and reinforcing copper mesh into them.

The line for production of the reinforced CuCl-electrode belt for water-activated current supplies includes:
- shears for copper mesh cutting;
- machine for special shaping of the reinforcing mesh surface;
- melting furnace for preparation of the cooper chloride&additives melt;
- belt continuous casting machine including the following devices:
a) roll crystallizer;
b) drive of rolls;
c) recycling water cooling of rolls;
d) device for mesh feeding of rolls;
e) cast electrode belt rolling device.
The line makes it possible to produce the electrode belt 0.55 mm in thickness and 420 mm in width. The belt of this kind has been applied in manufacturing stand-by batteries up to 450 kW in capacity as well as batteries for sea life saving equipment with a capacity range from 2 to 20 А•h. The electrode belt for cathodes of water-activated batteries is produced by continuous casting in rolls-crystallizers with simultaneous feeding the CuCl melt and the reinforcing copper mesh in the rolls. After leaving the rolls, the electrode belt is rolled in coils and then it is parted into electrode blanks with a preset length.

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Advantages and Innovations
Innovative technology for producing continuous electrode tape.
An essential decrease in cost of stand-by batteries at the expense of replacement of silver chloride cathodes by cooper chloride ones.
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Field tested/evaluated (TRL8)
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies
Maritime Industry and Services

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The Institute of Metal Technology had a great influence on the development of traditional sectors of the economy, in particular foundry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, automobile and tractor manufacturing.

Areas of activity of the Institute:
- development of theoretical foundations for controlling the processes of formation of the structure and properties of metals and alloys during their crystallization and solidification;
- thermophysics and hydrodynamics of special types of casting;
- creation of new materials and resource-saving technological processes for their production, processing and strengthening.

The Institute conducts fundamental and applied research that corresponds to the priority areas of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of the country, and also carries out scientific and technical developments within the framework of various scientific research programs; carries out international projects of the Belarusian Foundation for Basic Research, etc.

The Institute has developed and implemented high-performance, resource-saving, environmentally friendly technologies: continuous horizontal casting from cast iron and alloys based on copper and aluminum; continuous-cyclic freezing casting of cast iron blanks for engine cylinder liners and pneumatic compressors, piston and sealing rings for various purposes; continuous casting of reinforced copper chloride tape into a roller mold for water-activated current sources; production of bimetallic castings with increased service life using centrifugal and electroslag casting methods; casting high-quality zinc anode blanks for galvanic production from their waste; obtaining blanks of aluminum-silicon alloys with nanostructured silicon by casting by quenching solidification; production of lead tape using the combined method of casting and rolling in a roller mold; production of cast parts from wear-resistant cast iron.

Scientists and specialists of the Institute have developed and put into production more than 60 different types of foundry equipment and technological lines, including in the Republic of Korea, the People's Republic of China, India, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries.
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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Consumers interested in purchasing technology for producing copper chloride reinforced electrode tape and a production line for its production under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partners are interested in purchasing technology for producing copper chloride reinforced electrode tape and a production line for its production under a license agreement.
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