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Artsem Makarevich
Belarusian company was established in 1981.
The company constantly improves and expands its the range of products and now offers centrifugal crushers for sale and distribution.
Centrifugal crushers can be used for crushing, grinding and granulation of ore materials and nonmetallic materials of any strength, difficult-to-machine abrasive materials included.
The crushers are successfully used in the manufacture of crushed stone, building sand at the final stage crushing when basic quality characteristics of finished products are being formed.
The impact fracture of materials is realized in centrifugal crushers and mills making it possible to increase considerably the productivity of crushing and grinding processes and to obtain high-quality products with the required parameters, high profitability and effectiveness rates which are difficult to be achieved by the other known methods.
The failure of the material by impact taking place in centrifugal crushers comparing to that of cone, jaw, hammer and rotary crushers has a number of advantages:
- the material is mainly cubiform
- the strength of the crushed material increases
- selectivity disclosure of mineral grains
- a high degree of mechanical activation of freshly crushed material.
The centrifugal crusher allows a high degree crushing of the materials to be gained which is hard to get in other crushing equipment similar in action in principal. It is achievable thanks to a high speed discharge of the material. The high speed is provided by the system of "gasostatic support" - a unique development of "NPO Center" specialists.
The application of the gasostatic support permits a high speed rotation of the crusher operating parts without vibrations at tangible unbalances and ensures a high reliability.
Technical specification and principle of operation of centrifugal crushers can be found at
The application of DC impact-centrifugal crushers at the last stage of crushing assures high results in quality and characteristics of the end product.
Non-metallic materials:
DC are highly efficient at manufacture of aggregates from any kind of rock: volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic of any strength and hardness.
- Manufactureof cubiform building rubble: obtaining of crushed stone with the content of cubiform grains of no less than 90% which is true for all the fractions.
- Crushed stone strength enhancement by one point.
- Obtaining of crushed rock from solid rocks with the dust level less than 1,0%.
- Manufacture of building sand: screenings and fine grain are marked by the isometric grain shape.
Preparation for the processing of minerals:
The application of DC impact-centrifugal crushers in the preparation process to enrich materials and ores makes it possible:
- to destroy ore bulk along the weak bonds and joints
- to maximize the release of free ore and non-metallic inclusions and minerals at treatment processes, metallurgical slag and other wastes processing.
DC crushers are applied to crush and process the following materials: dolomite, sericite schists, hornblendite, quartz-chlorite metasomatite, limestone, chrysotile-asbestos ores, diorite, non-ferrous slags, barium ore, granite, sandstone, ferrous slags, carbonate ores, porphyrite, iron ores, quartzite, manganese ores, diabase, pebblestone, scrap of mullite-corundum articles, serpentinite.
Advantages and Innovations
Impact-centrifugal crushers make possible:
- breaking of the material of any strength and hardness
- considerable increase of reduction ratio
- extension of control range of fractions in the product
- changing of crushing and grinding correlation towards crushing and consequently – lower general costs for the final product obtaining
- feed size reduction of grinding equipment at further stages of enrichment process and the improvement of grinding process performance by no less than 30%
- starting of enrichment at the stage of crushing at the cost of selectivity of impact fracture.
Оbtaining of crushed stone with high consumer properties:
- the content of plate-like shape and needle-shaped particles in the crushed stone corresponds to group I defined in the standard GOST 8267-93
- the strength of crushed stone is 10-15% higher than the initial strength
- the dustiness of finished fractions after screening normally does not exceed 1%
- screenings (0-5 mm) which are obtained at the crushed product screening in their granulometric composition and isometric grain shape can be an excellent filler for the bitumen- concrete mix or feedstock to obtain high quality construction materials.
Benefits of DC centrifugal crushers application:
- possibility to obtain high quality product from the absolute majority of ore and non-metallic materials, the product being of high profitability and efficiency rates
- low maintenance costs, simple design and high utilization – major advantages to operate the crushers
- possibility to execute crushing operations on the materials of any strength including hard-to-treat abrasive materials
- low capital and working costs
- to mount crushers there's no need in special foundations since the crushers can be installed on the flat ground and at any elevation of a production building
- the design itself provides ease to perform operations at replacing lining elements of the accelerator due to the innovative execution of units and fasteners
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