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Tatiana Petkevich
Institute of Microbiology has developed and manufactures the Complex biopreparation BIOVIR to decontaminate and remediate fish ponds and water reservoirs polluted with organic and mineral compounds The institute is looking for consumers interested in purchasing a supplement under a manufacturing agreement and industrial partners interested in acquiring the technology production of BIOVIR under a licensing agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
BIOVIR is distinguished by elevated antimicrobial, decomposing and phosphate-mobilizing activities.

Active ingredients - cells, spores, and metabolites of the bacterial consortium representing genera Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhodococcus.

BIOVIR is introduced into fish ponds 4 times per season – at the dose of 3 l/ha in May and 0.5 l/ha from June to August.

The treatment of recreational reservoirs is conducted upon first manifestations of water blossoming by 2-3 spraying cycles divided with 8-10 days.

Intervals (the expense of concentrated BIOVIR is 0.5 l/ha for the first procedure and 0.3 l/ha for the second procedure).

The preferred water temperature is above 21°С.

The Institute offers:
- Complex biopreparation BIOVIR to consumers within the framework of the manufacturing agreement;
- the technology of production of the Complex biopreparation BIOVIR to industrial partners under a license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations
Biopreparation BIOVIR
- reduces the content of total phosphorus, ammonium, and nitrate nitrogen 2.3 times, blue-green algae population twice;
- ensures decay of organic pollutants 2-2.4-fold (estimated in COD and BOD levels).

The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, beneficial insects.
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Specifications BY 100289066.129-2015
State registration № 5530-10-16 BPPI
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A.03.12 - Freshwater fishing
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
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The Institute of Microbiology is a leading national research center in the area of microbiology and biotechnology. Its innovation stock list comprises a broad spectrum of items – substances for medicines and diagnostic kits, bioconservating agents, food and feed additives, biodisinfectants, probiotics, plant biological control agents, microbial fertilizers, technologies for decontamination of wastewaters and environmental objects, specific anti-biodeterioration recommendations. Steady efforts focused on mastering novel methods, upgrading quality of the products, shaping market of biocommodities boosted national biotechnological sector.
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Consumers interested in purchasing Complex biopreparation BIOVIR under a manufacturing agreement.

Industrial partners interested in acquiring technology for the production of Complex biopreparation BIOVIR under a license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
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> 500 MNE
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