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Installation for deposition of monomolecular films on a surface of firm samples









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Darya Boika
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The Institute of Chemistry of New Materials offers a technology and installation for the deposition of monomolecular films on the surface of solid samples. The institute is looking for consumers interested in purchasing materials and a process unit under a manufacturing agreement and industrial partners interested in acquiring technology and installation under a license agreement or commercial agreement with technical support.
Joint development with ALC "Mikrotestmashiny". The device is intended for the deposition of monomolecular films on the surface of solid samples (substrates) by the Langmuir-Blodgett (L-B) technique or for the formation of multimolecular films using the layer-by-layer technique. LT-103 is specially designed for the implementation of the method of horizontal deposition (GO), which, unlike the traditional vertical L-B method, makes it possible to obtain highly uniform and homogeneous monomolecular films.
Advantages and Innovations
The installation makes it possible to apply a high-quality monomolecular film on various surfaces using a huge spectrum of surfactants (both in solid and liquid states), regardless of the polarity of the end group of molecules. The deposition process is characterized by extreme simplicity and high speed. For example, the surface of a standard silicon wafer (100 mm) can be completely modified by GO within 3-5 minutes.
Free bath surface - 400 sq. Cm, working surface 315 sq. Cm.
Immersion recess - depth up to 75 mm, diameter 60 mm.
Liquid volume 1000-1050 cc.
The number of barriers is one.
Surface pressure sensor based on Wilhelmy method. The vertical position of the sensor is adjustable. The stand-alone version is used as a tensiometer. Laser-beam system for measuring the deflection of the force-measuring console. High sensitivity - no worse than 0.05 mN / m. Two-stage sensitivity adjustment circuit. Stability - no worse than 0.25 mN / h.
Stroke 85 mm. The vertical position of the mechanism module is adjustable.
The mechanism module can be used autonomously to immerse a substrate in a liquid both under the control of a computer (programmable), and with the help of an electronic unit.
The deposition rate is from 0.002 to 2 mm / min.
Installation allows putting a qualitative monomolecular film on various surfaces with use of a huge spectrum of PAV(both in firm, and in a liquid state) irrespective of polarity of trailergroupofmolecules.
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The Institute conducts research in broad international scientific cooperation with research centers in Russia, Azerbaijan, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Poland, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Republic of Korea, regularly holds International conferences on the problems of obtaining high-tech low-tonnage chemical products for various functional purposes, as well as alternative sources of raw materials and fuels.
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