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Fireman's barrel, manual universal combined SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7









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Denis Patocky
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Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" offers consumers a universal combined fireman's barrel SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7 under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7 is a manual fire barrel of normal pressure, shut-off, characterized by compactness, low weight, ergonomics, and ease of use. Fire barrels allows you to regulate the flow rate of the extinguishing agent and form a continuous or sprayed jet of water with a variable angle of the torch. Fire barrels is used for extinguishing fires, cooling buildings, and technological structures, precipitating clouds of poisonous or radioactive gases, vapors, and dust. The fire barrel is made of aluminum alloys and stainless steel, the body and internal elements of the barrel are anodized, which increases the antifriction properties of the loaded barrel elements and protects them fr om corrosion. Hand barrels are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of STB 11.13.14-2009 and TU BY 100 918 940.005-2015.

*The working pressure of a manual fire nozzle (FH) is the pressure of the fire extinguishing agent created by the fire pump in the area from the pump to the FH, necessary for the correct functioning of the FH. In Belarus, as a rule, a pressure of 0.45 ± 0.5 MPa is used, respectively, the hydrodynamic properties of the channels RPS SPRU-50 / 07 and SPRUK-50 / 0.7 were calculated for operation even at such a low pressure. This pressure is optimal when controlling the PS in a fire, does not lim it or slow down the actions of a firefighter.
* Range of the sprayed jet - the maximum possible range of exposure to agents through the RSP, carried out through the mechanism of drip spraying of the RSP, is measured at a spray angle of 300. Extinguishing with a sprayed jet is considered the most effective method of extinguishing a fire. In an atomized jet, water is broken up into small droplets that have a significantly larger total surface area than a compact jet. A given volume of water in the form of an atomized jet absorbs much more heat than the same volume in the form of a compact jet. The atomized jet is also used to deposit clouds of poisonous or radioactive gases, vapors and dusts. Thanks to high-quality calculations, SPRU-50 / 0.7 and SPRUK-50 / 0.7 can give a spray jet range of up to 20 m and a torch of up to 300 m, which allows the fire brigade, being at a fairly safe distance from the fire, to carry out work on elimination of fire by the most effective method, while saving RH and minimizing damage from flooding.
* The SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 use a flywheel-sprayer, which allows you to break the drops into as small as possible, thereby improving the quality of spraying and making the protection of firefighters as effective as possible. Smaller droplets do not spread as far as large and heavy RSP droplets from other manufacturers. The finely dispersed screen SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 has a diameter of up to 3.5 meters, which fully provides effective protection for firefighters.
* SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 have a warranty period of 2 years and a service life of up to 8 years.
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Hand barrels are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of STB 11.13.14-2009 and TU BY 100 918 940.005-2015.
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Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" is an accredited scientific organization that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-tech products for various applications:
■ Mechatronic systems (planetary lantern gearboxes and motor-reducers);
■ Means of small-scale mechanization (logistics equipment for greenhouses);
■ Personal electric transport (electric scooters, electric bicycles, attachments to wheelchairs, etc.);
■ Lithium batteries;
■ Fire-fighting equipment (fire nozzles).

OJSC Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" specializes in the manufacture of modern unique physical, chemical instruments and laboratory equipment for organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, research laboratories, healthcare organizations, industrial enterprises, and agriculture.

The company provides metalworking, electroplating, and plasma cutting services. Production capabilities of the plant provide a complete closed production cycle with a full range of testing and certification of products. The company has mastered various technological areas:
* mechanical processing of metals and non-metals,
* a variety of galvanic and paint coatings,
* Assembly production.

The specialization of OJSC Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" in the manufacture of complex high-tech instruments and equipment, experience in the creation and production of various general industrial and special-purpose products, the availability of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel and a high-tech production base allow us to fulfill various orders with high quality and in a short time.
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Consumers interested in purchasing hand-held universal combined fire fighting barrels SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7 under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing hand-held universal combined fire fighting barrels SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7 under a distribution services agreement.
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