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Technology of casting chrome iron parts in chill and composite molds.









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The Institute of Metal Technology offers consumers the technology of casting parts in metal and combined forms from chromium cast iron under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement, as well as the production of parts according to consumer orders under a manufacturing agreement.
Abrasive wear is the main cause of failure of machine parts and mechanisms in the mining, construction, road and agricultural industries. Most parts of crushing and grinding equipment operate under shock loads (the size of the initial grinding particles is 20-5 mm), therefore, chromium cast iron is required to work under such conditions, which has high values ​​of impact strength and wear resistance.

Increasing the service life of parts of mills and crushers is possible through the use of specially developed at the Institute of complex alloy cast irons and methods for their casting - into metal and combined forms using heat-resistant fabric as a protective separating coating.

Cast parts made of wear-resistant chromium cast iron are intended for crushing units of centrifugal crushers and mills, construction equipment, shot blasters and are used by mineral processing enterprises and construction industry enterprises.
The use of consumable parts with an increased service life significantly reduces operating costs associated with the purchase of quickly wearing spare parts, as well as the work required to replace them. There is significant potential for increasing the share of use at Belarusian and Russian enterprises of domestic consumable parts from developed wear-resistant cast irons by replacing imported parts in crushing units of centrifugal mills, construction equipment, and shot blasters. Increasing the operating life of technological equipment for crushing, grinding and classification of mineral raw materials will increase both competitiveness in the CIS countries and non-CIS countries, as well as 1.5–2.0 times the turnaround time
equipment operation, and reduce by 2 times the annual need for spare parts for crushing chambers and crushing equipment accelerators

Compositions of synthetic wear-resistant chromium cast irons IChKh18VN and IChKh18VM and technologies for casting parts for crushing and grinding equipment have been developed.

A technology has been developed for casting wear-resistant parts from ICH into metal molds.

Technologies have been developed for casting parts from ICH, depending on their operating conditions.

Based on the developed technologies, it is possible to produce castings of any complexity, blanks or parts from high-chromium cast iron according to customer drawings.

More details on the Institute's website. (in Russian).
Additional information is posted in the Album of promising developments of organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for the real sector of the economy (in Russian).
Advantages and Innovations
Parts made from the developed chromium cast iron, in comparison with analogues available on the markets of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, have increased wear resistance and can increase the durability and reliability of parts and equipment operating under conditions of intense abrasive action. The use of alloy steel scrap ensures a reduction in the cost of products.
The achieved performance indicators correspond to the best world analogues, which is the basis for further promotion of cast consumables to the markets of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and other countries
neighboring countries.
The technology of casting parts from chromium cast iron into metal and combined forms most fully meets modern requirements for environmental cleanliness, resource conservation and quality of manufactured parts.
In the production of consumable parts for centrifugal crushing and grinding equipment, special casting methods are used depending on the type and specific purpose of the part, in particular, the use of combined and metal casting molds, the use of internal refrigerators and embedded parts, etc. These methods make it possible to reduce the cost and at the same time increase the service life parts service.

The technology ensures an increase in labor productivity and an increase in the accuracy of castings, as well as an increase in the wear resistance of parts due to the production of a finely dispersed structure. Compared to ICHKh28N2 cast iron, the developed chromium cast irons ICHKH18VN and ICHKH18VM have a number of advantages:
- increased wear resistance under dry friction conditions due to a decrease in the size of carbides, predominantly austenitic structure, and an increase in impact toughness;
- lower cost due to the reduction of Cr content in cast iron and the use of alloyed steel scrap;
- no need for heat treatment.
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TU BY 700002421.006-2018
TU BY 700001421.004-2011
TU BY 700002421.007-2020
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1. Wear-resistant cast iron: Pat. 14155 Rep. Belarus: IPC C 22C 37/00 / V. M. Ilyushenko, K. E. Baranovsky; date of publication: 05.13.2009.(in Russian).
2. Wear-resistant cast iron: Pat. 23010 Rep. Belarus: IPC C 22C 37/08 / V. M. Ilyushenko, P. Yu. Duvalov, V. M. Andrienko, K. E. Baranovsky, E. V. Rosenberg; date of publication: 03/27/2020.(in Russian).
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C.24.10 - Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
C.25.61 - Treatment and coating of metals
C.25.99 - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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The Institute of Metal Technology is the leading scientific organization of the republic in the field of development and creation of resource-saving, environmentally friendly high-tech foundry technologies, and the production of modern materials for industrial enterprises.

The main directions of scientific and technical activities of the institute.

Technologies for obtaining the structure and properties of powdered hard alloys based on tungsten, titanium, tantalum carbides with cobalt as a binder material;
Methods for recycling and hardening of hard alloys in order to improve their quality performance characteristics;
Processes for recycling high-speed steel scrap to obtain material for tool products;
Development of theoretical foundations for controlling the processes of formation of the structure and properties of metals and alloys during their crystallization and solidification;
Thermophysics and hydrodynamics of special types of casting;
Creation of new materials and resource-saving technological processes for their production, processing and strengthening.

The results of fundamental research of the institute are presented in scientific publications and are used:
- when creating environmentally friendly resource-saving technologies for continuous casting of ingots from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys;
- development of new cast, including bimetallic, materials with high consumer properties (strength, ductility, density);
- development of wear-resistant carbon-based composites, including those with a gradient of physical and mechanical properties.

The Institute develops, manufactures, supplies, installs and services equipment for continuous casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electroslag casting of billets, including bimetallic ones, and centrifugal casting of bimetals.

According to consumer orders, the institute will produce:
- cylinder liners for high-performance engines;
- zinc anodes for galvanic coating;
- original prizes, souvenirs, bas-reliefs, figurines, memorial plaques and other sculptural works made of bronze and aluminum;
- molding casting of parts made of chromium wear-resistant cast iron for centrifugal crushing and grinding equipment for use in the construction industry.
- by casting by quenching solidification, castings from alloy AK12 with nanostructured eutectic silicon, castings from alloy AK15, AK18, AK21 with an ultrafine structure, which have unique physical-mechanical, wear-resistant and performance properties.
- by the method of continuous horizontal casting, rectangular, round and complex cross-section blanks made of cast iron and copper-based alloys, hollow castings made of cast iron and copper-based alloys, copper anodes for galvanic coating.
- electroslag casting bimetallic workpieces, stainless steel workpieces.

The Institute develops and manufactures foundry equipment:
electroslag remelting installations;
continuous horizontal casting installations;
channel furnaces for melting brass and bronze;
continuous casting lines for copper chloride tape;
molds with a jet cooling system for continuous casting of metals and alloys.

The Institute offers services in:
study of the structure and properties of metals and alloys:
determination of the chemical composition of metals and alloys, compressed powders, wires using atomic emission spectroscopy;
metallographic studies of the structure;
determination of physical and mechanical properties.
modeling of casting processes:
solving thermal problems of solidification of castings and ingots of any configuration and problems of crystallization of metals and alloys;
optimization of casting processes and other technological processes based on multi-criteria optimization techniques.
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Consumers interested in purchasing technology for casting metal and combined molds of parts made of chromium cast iron under a commercial agreement with technicalassistance or a license agreement, as well as manufacturing parts according to consumer orders under a manufacturing agreement.
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