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Aliaksandr Reshetniak
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The Center for Identification Systems offers consumers barcode symbol file master development services for product manufacturers and packaging manufacturers under an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement.
To read the price from the packaging of goods in logistics and trade systems (in warehouses, transport, trading floors, etc.), the packaging must have a number printed in the form of a graphic symbol of the EAN International (GS1) bar code. The customer of the bar code symbol should submit to the printing house the original bar code image in electronic form, the so-called FILE MASTER, which is produced using licensed software and special equipment in strict compliance with international and national standards of the Republic of Belarus.

More details for product manufacturers. (in Russian)
More details for packaging manufacturers.(in Russian)

To order a barcode file master you must:
- download the application form for the production of a barcode file master from our website;
- determine the size of the bar code using the table of standard bar code sizes;
- fill out the application form for the production of a barcode file master according to the example given;
- send the application form by email lab@ids.by or by tel/fax (017) 379-90-83;
- on the appointed day you must come to the State Enterprise "Center for Identification Systems" (Minsk, Akademicheskaya St., 15, building 2, room 419) for a ready-made barcode file master. Along with the file master on disk, you receive a test (verification) report for assessing the quality of the bar code symbol.

Upon completion of the work, we provide the following materials:
- file master on electronic media;
- a printout of the file master on paper;
- conclusion of the Testing Laboratory.

Download the application form for the production of barcode file masters (88.5 kB, MS Word) (in Russian)
Advantages and Innovations
Only in our Center you can obtain a high-quality barcode FILE MASTER, tested for compliance with current standards and parameters required by barcode readers (scanners). The quality of the bar code symbol image is checked (tested) by our Testing Laboratory, accredited by the State Enterprise "BGCA" (accreditation certificate No. BY/112 1.0509 dated 07/09/2007, valid until 08/09/2025). Control printouts of all barcodes produced in our File Master Center undergo mandatory verification in the IL with the issuance of an appropriate quality certificate. The conclusion is an official document that has legal force.
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J.61.90 - Other telecommunications activities
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The scientific and engineering republican unitary enterprise “Interindustry Scientific and Practical Center for Identification Systems and Electronic Business Operations” (State Enterprise “Cenrer for Identification Systems”) was created in 2006 as a specialized organization in the field of automatic identification technologies and electronic business operations.

In accordance with Government Decree No. 1116 of August 22, 2011, the Center is the lead organization in the Republic of Belarus for scientific and methodological support for the creation and operation of information resources about goods (products), their automatic identification, as well as ensuring electronic document flow in commodity distribution networks and processes e-commerce.

The functions of the Center are determined by the Charter and Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 09/07/2006. No. 1152 (in Russian):
- conducting scientific research in the field of electronic business;
- development and implementation of international and national standards on technologies for automatic identification of products, goods, services;
- turnkey supply of integration solutions for monitoring systems for commodity and transport flows based on modern information and communication technologies;
- design of automated information and logistics systems based on bar coding, radio frequency (RFID) identification and electronic document management technologies;
- creation and maintenance of national information resources and product range databases based on international standards and e-commerce technologies.

Main directions of scientific and practical work:
- formation and support in the information resources of the GS1 system of Belarus of international product identification numbers applied in the form of bar and radio frequency codes, incl. maintaining the Republican register (depository) of bar codes;
- organizing the functioning of the Bank of electronic passports of goods (master data) as a basic information resource for electronic business purposes;
- design, implementation and maintenance of state, interdepartmental and industry information resources and systems based on identification and traceability technologies;
- electronic document management (in product supply chains, office and corporate office work, e-commerce);
- research and development in the field of RFID technologies;
- IoT-based monitoring systems.

- consulting in the field of international standards for product numbering, bar coding, RFID technologies, electronic document management and product supply chain management based on these standards;
- development and turnkey delivery of automated information systems and technologies based on international standards for automatic identification and e-business;
- formation, maintenance and up-to-date maintenance of a national register (depository) of goods marked with international identification (bar and radio frequency) codes with the prefix of the Republic of Belarus “481”;
- maintaining the “Bank of Electronic Passports of Goods” - a republican information system of basic information (master data) about goods produced and sold on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the purposes of automated accounting in commodity distribution networks and conducting e-commerce processes;
- support of the AITS system - System for identification, registration, traceability of animals and products of animal origin in the Republic of Belarus;
- verification (checking the legality of use and quality of application) of bar codes and radio frequency tags.
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Standardization in the field of automatic identification and electronic data interchange (EDI) in the Republic of Belarus More..
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Consumers interested in purchasing barcode symbol file master development services for product manufacturers and packaging manufacturers under an outsourcing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing barcode symbol file master development services for product manufacturers and packaging manufacturers under a distribution services agreement.
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