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Technology, architecture and software of the republican automated information system "Electronic Prescription"









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Larisa Murashko
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The United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) offers consumers the technology, architecture and software of the automated information system "Electronic Prescription" on the basis of an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
In the automated information system "Electronic Prescription" (AIS ER), for the first time in the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries, information technology has been implemented that complies with the specification of the international standard for the exchange of medical data HL7 FHIR, which ensures the registration of resources and the exchange of information between the components of the AIS ER, medical information systems that write out electronic prescription, pharmaceutical information systems, national automated information system (OAIS), information systems of other participants in information exchange.

A distinctive feature of the AIS ER architecture is the use of a unique patient identification system based on barcoding technology in accordance with STB ISO / IEC7812-1-2013, STB ISO / IEC7812-2-2013 (identification plastic cards of patients are used), as well as phonetic algorithms, Jaro's algorithms -Winkler and Damerau-Levenshtein for unambiguous identification of patients based on inaccurate or incomplete demographic data.
Advantages and Innovations
AIS ER provides:
* reduction of the time spent by the doctor on the implementation of medications and prescriptions;
* for patients the possibility of renewing prescriptions for constantly taken drugs without visiting the clinic;
* analysis of information (accounting for the prescription of preferential drugs in the context of healthcare organizations, patients, the cost of drugs, planning the procurement of drugs);
* exclusion of illegibility or misinterpretation of prescriptions in pharmacies;
* the possibility of preventing the consequences of unwanted interactions between drugs, as it allows the doctor to see all drugs prescribed to the patient;
* exclusion of the possibility of duplication of dispensing of subsidized medicines for one patient;
* exclusion of the possibility of counterfeiting both conventional and preferential recipes.
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As of December 31, 2018, 427 healthcare institutions, including departmental ones, as well as 7 state and 9 commercial pharmacy chains were connected to the AIS ER.
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Cooperation with foreign universities, research centers and organizations in the field of informatics, implementation of joint international projects and programs.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers of technology, development of architecture and software of the automated information system "Electronic recipe" on the basis of an outsourcing agreement.
Partners for the conclusion of an agreement on distribution services.
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SME 51-250
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