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Technology for the production of dry mixtures and emulsions for the manufacture of natural 3D meat products (HoReCa 3D-food printing)









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Ekaterina Shegidevich
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Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry represented by the Head of the Sector for Comprehensive Research of Meat Products Ph.D. Irina Kaltovich (headed by Ph.D. in Economics Oleksiy Meleshchenya) offers, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, technology and mixtures for the production of 3D meat products that are distinguished by individualized nutritional and biological value, balanced and natural composition, original design, shape, taste.
The 3D food printing market is dynamic and growing rapidly. The average annual growth rate of this market is about 16%.

RUE "Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry" provides scientific support for the development of the meat and dairy industries in the Republic of Belarus. Based on comprehensive multidisciplinary research on the use of additive technologies in the food industry, the institute developed technologies for the production of natural 3D meat products (semi-finished products and culinary products), as well as meat mixtures and meat emulsions based on high-quality raw materials of animal origin (beef, pork, chicken meat - broilers) for 3D printing.

Competitive advantages of 3D meat products:
* individualized nutritional and biological value, balanced ratios of amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins;
* natural composition, no food additives (preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, flavor and aroma enhancers, etc.);
* original technological parameters (design, shape, taste, etc.).

Competitive advantages of 3D meat mixes:
* the possibility of modeling the nutrient composition, taking into account the individual physiological needs of the body of a particular person;
* easily transportable and have a long shelf life (6 months at t=18±2 ºC, φ no more than 85%);
* convenient to use in expeditions, hikes, space flights, etc.

The technology for the production of 3D meat products, mixtures, emulsions and equipment for their production will increase the competitiveness of the food industry and will have a positive effect on strengthening the health of the nation.

The presentation of the technology can be found here (in Russian).
Advantages and Innovations
The implementation of the project contributes to the solution of the following tasks:
* the development of personalized (medical-dietary, sports, children's, hypoallergenic, gerodietic) nutrition;
* production of unique products of non-standard and complex shape, design with a given taste and other characteristics according to specialized consumer orders;
* speeding up the process of making complex dishes at home, cafes and restaurants;
* meeting the needs of special sectors of the economy in the necessary food products (military, space, tourism, medicine, etc.).
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Available for demonstration (TRL5,6)
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The proposed technology is the winner of the Republican youth project "100 ideas for Belarus 2023" in the nomination "Best business idea".
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M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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The Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry provides scientific support for the development of the meat and dairy industries of the Republic of Belarus, has extensive experience in developing a wide range of high-quality competitive meat and dairy products, including functional (immunomodulatory orientation, etc.) and specialized purposes (for athletes, children, students, the elderly, etc.), has the necessary material and technical base, which ensures the conduct of scientific research of the V and VI technological modes and the development of rational technological parameters for the production of innovative products.
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Commercial agreement with technical assistance
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Partners interested in acquiring technology, equipment and/or mixtures for the production of 3D meat products under a commercial contract with technical assistance.

Partners interested in establishing a joint venture for the production of equipment and / or mixtures for the production of 3D meat products. Tasks performed by the partner: financing the activities of the joint venture, participation in the management of the enterprise.

Partners interested in improving the technology and / or equipment for the production of a mixture for 3D meat products under a research cooperation agreement.
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