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Denis Patocky
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Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" offers consumers hydraulic pipe-rail trolleys on the basis of a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
Trolley hydraulic pipe rail - hydraulic trolley with an electric drive, designed for plant care and harvesting. The Trolley has a maximum lifting height of 3.5 m and a maximum working height of 5.5 m. The Trolley is equipped with DC valve motors DBU-135 (brushless contacts on rare earth magnets) and planetary pinion gearboxes with a high load capacity and high kinematic accuracy, developed and manufactured by the specialists of the plant (there is a patent for the invention), which significantly surpass in reliability and durability ordinary brushed motors installed on bogies of other manufacturers.

Technical characteristics of the Trolley:
* Height of lifting of the working platform up to - 3.5 m
* Loading capacity of the working platform - up to 230 kg
* Weight - 375 kg
* Travel speed on rails - 0.7 m / s
* Supply voltage - 24 V
* Transport path of pipe rails - Ø51; Ø56 mm
* Center-to-center distance of ruborels - from 550 mm ± 5mm; 600mm ± 5mm
* Rated power of the electric motor - 600 W
* Power consumption of the bogie in the mode of lifting a load weighing 230 kg on the platform - no more than 1.3 kW
* Power consumption of the bogie in the mode of moving the bogie along the transport path - no more than 0.7 kW
* Power source - traction rechargeable batteries (2 pcs.), 24 V, 110 A * h. (brand, type of battery at the customer's choice)
* Adjustable height of the safety fence (handrail) - from 800 to 1000 mm.
Advantages and Innovations
High reliability, high maintainability, high ergonomics. Therefore, the work done by the development and design staff of the enterprise made it possible not only to achieve simplicity of the design, but also to increase its operational properties and ergonomics. But despite the high consumer and operational properties, the cost of trolley remained extremely attractive.
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C.25.62 - Machining
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Instrument Manufacturing Plant "Optron" is an accredited scientific organization that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-tech products for various fields of application:
■ Mechatronic systems (planetary pinion gearboxes and gearmotors)
■ Means of small-scale mechanization (logistics equipment for greenhouses)
■ Personal electric vehicles (electric scooters, electric bicycles, wheelchair attachments, etc.)
■ Lithium batteries
■ Fire fighting equipment (fire nozzles)

The production capabilities of our plant provide a full closed cycle of production with a full range of tests and certification of products. In addition, the company provides metalworking, electroplating, and plasma cutting services.
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Customers interested in purchasing hydraulic pipe rail trolleys based on a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in concluding a distribution services agreement.
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