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Traction battery for ice-filling combines "BELARUS KL 418"










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Yuri Vrazhkin
+375 17 337 7626
Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering offers consumers traction batteries for ice-filling combines BELARUS KL 418 under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
It is intended for power supply of the electric power plant of the ice-filling combine.

Type of cells used
lithium iron phosphate
 Type of control system two-level, distributed
 Type of balancing system passive
 Battery capacity, kWh  54
 Battery voltage, V 
 minimum 90
 maximum 164
 Maximum allowable continuous charge/discharge current, A  280
 Maximum allowable peak discharge current, A 400
 Permissible operating temperature range, °С minus 20...+60
 Weight of battery assembly, kg 368
 Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm  820×630×600

Included in the Catalog of exhibits (TOP DEVELOPMENTS by exposition clusters) of the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements "Intellectual Belarus 2023".
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C.28.30 - Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
C.28.99 - Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
H.49.31 - Urban and suburban passenger land transport
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the leading research center of Belarus in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering. There are three centers of collective use under it: Republican computer center of machine-building profile; Center for Structural Research and Tribomechanical Testing of Materials and Engineering Products; an industry laboratory for research, design and testing of electric vehicles and basic components of an electric drive, as well as the Republican testing ground for mobile vehicles and the ACADEM-CERT certification body.

The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering is a leading scientific center for mechanical engineering and a resource for interaction between science and practice.

Directions of activity in the field of fundamental and applied scientific research:
- mechanical engineering, mechanics, reliability and safety of machines and technical systems;
- design theory, mechatronic systems of machines and mechanisms;
- new composite, polymeric, metallic materials; nano- and microstructured materials;
- friction and wear in machines, control of the structure and properties of the surface, including at the nanostructural level.

Directions in the field of scientific and technical activity - scientific support, organization and coordination of work on the creation of export-oriented auto-tractor and combine equipment equipped with multi-level integrated electronic systems for adaptive control and diagnostics of units and assemblies, including mechatronic components and intelligent devices:
- high-energy tractors and combines;
- trucks and road trains, including multilink modular ones;
- buses, including super-low-floor articulated 2-, 3-section, with hybrid power plants;
- mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 95–500 tons;
- multi-axle wheeled tractors, logging equipment, road construction, municipal equipment, urban electric transport.

Other activities:
- certification of mobile machines, items of their equipment and parts, approval of vehicle types;
- bench, road tests, diagnostics of the technical condition of mobile machines;
- certification of quality management systems for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001–2009;
- training of highly qualified scientific personnel;
- conducting patent research;
- issue of scientific, production-practical, normative production-practical, reference publications;
- issue of the international scientific and technical journal "Mechanics of Machines, Mechanisms and Materials";
- release of a collection of scientific papers "Actual issues of mechanical engineering".

The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering develops scientific and scientific and technical cooperation, business relations with foreign partners and represents Belarus in the International Federation for the Theory of Mechanisms and Machines (IFToMM). A number of contracts, agreements and protocols on cooperation with foreign and international scientific organizations, higher educational institutions, and government bodies in the field of scientific and technical activities have been signed.

Currently, the agreements reached with a number of foreign partners in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the People's Republic of China, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Korea, and Ukraine are being implemented.
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Consumers interested in purchasing traction batteries for ice-filling combines "BELARUS KL 418" under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing traction batteries for ice-filling combines BELARUS KL 418 under a distribution services agreement.
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> 500
SME 51-250
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