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Plant protection services based on the "Agrodron A60-X" unmanned aircraft system










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Iurii Leonovets
Chinese-Belarusian joint venture "Aviation technologies and systems" offers consumers services for the use of a plant protection complex based on the "Agrodron A60-X" unmanned aircraft system under an outsourcing agreement or subcontract and is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement.
An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), like agricultural aviation, sprays fields using ultra-low volume technology (5..10 l/ha), and has no restrictions related to ecology, proximity to populated areas and complex field contours.

The Chinese-Belarusian joint venture "Aviation technologies and complexes" (CJSC "ATS") has developed
a comprehensive solution for the application of plant protection products (PPPs) using unmanned aerial vehicles (UASs) to occupy a free niche for providing services in the plant protection segment.

Composition of the UAS complex:
- UAVs “Agrodron A60-X” (2 pcs.).
- UAS for monitoring and mapping “A20-X” (A-20X);
- off-road vehicle;

The car is intended for:
- transportation of crew, UASs, shipyards and water;
- preparing and filling working fluids;
- preparation and use of UASs for flight;
- charging the battery.

The productivity of the UAS complex is up to 20 ha/h, depending on conditions and terrain.

The presentation “Plant protection complex based on the unmanned aerial vehicle “Agrodron A60-X" can be downloaded here. (in Russian)
Advantages and Innovations
1) exclusion of mechanical damage to soil and plants;
2) low cost of hectare processing with a productivity of 8..10 g a/h;
3) minimal contact with drugs;
4) the ability to work on highly moist soils and at night;
5) ensuring uniform application of the drug to the entire surface of the plant due to downward flows
from the blades;
6) the ability to process crops of various heights, including corn and sunflowers;
7) improved transportation to hard-to-reach places.
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies

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H.51.21 - Freight air transport
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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“Aviation Technologies and Complexes” is a Chinese-Belarusian joint venture (CJSC ATS), specializing in the production of unmanned aicraft systems (UAS) based on various types of unmanned aicraft vehicles (UAVs), as well as modern ultra-light dual-use manned aircraft.

The enterprise location center is located in the Great Stone Industrial Park. The production facilities of the enterprise consist of three production and testing sites and include:
1) a production site for assembling the main components of equipment;
2) production site for final assembly;
3) a flight test site at the Sivitsa airfield (Borisov, Minsk region).

All products are produced on the basis of our own developments, the main concept of which is to improve the reliability of operation, duration and flight range of the equipment being developed.

Among the main partners are organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
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Consumers interested in purchasing services for the use of a plant protection complex based on the Agrodron A60-X unmanned aircraft systems under an outsourcing agreement or subcontract.

Partners interested in purchasing services for the use of a plant protection complex based on the Agrodron A60-X unmanned aircraft vehicle under a distribution services agreement.
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