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Larisa Murashko
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The United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) offers consumers an automated electronic declaration system based on an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
In the UIIP NAS of Belarus, together with the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus, a complex of software and hardware has been developed that ensures the interaction of information systems of declarants, various departments and customs authorities in the implementation of customs clearance and customs control. The advantage of this system is to increase the efficiency of the customs service of the Republic of Belarus by reducing the time and improving the quality of processing, submitted documents and information during customs clearance and customs control of goods and vehicles.

The main purpose of the system is information support and automation of customs operations performed by customs officials and interested parties (declarants) using written and electronic documents, as well as ensuring information interaction of customs authorities with interested parties and customs services of other states.
The main goal of this project is to create a full-scale system of electronic declaration of goods with ensuring the protection of information for all customs procedures through the introduction and development of promising automated customs technologies, which will allow:
* improve the efficiency of the customs authorities;
* to provide the possibility of information exchange of customs authorities with customs authorities (services) of other states;
* provide participants in international trade with the opportunity to submit information (customs documents and preliminary information) to customs authorities in electronic form in accordance with modern international requirements for the promotion and development of international trade.

The structure of the system is developed on the basis of a three-tier client-server technology, which assumes a data layer, an application layer and a data presentation layer.
In accordance with the accepted technology for processing distributed data, the structure of the system consists of the following components:
* Node of information interaction (ICU), which provides the implementation of the data layer and the application layer;
* automated workstations (AWP), which provide the implementation of the data presentation layer.

The project proposed for implementation has been successfully implemented in the Republic of Belarus within the framework of the State Program of Informatization of the Republic of Belarus for 2003-2005 and for the future until 2010 "Electronic Belarus" and is in constant operation.
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The system allows you to significantly speed up the processes of customs clearance of goods when crossing borders.
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The system has been introduced and is used at customs points on the borders of the Republic of Belarus.
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ICT Industry & Services

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Cooperation with foreign universities, research centers and organizations in the field of informatics, implementation of joint international projects and programs.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers of an automated electronic declaration system based on an outsourcing agreement.
Partners for the conclusion of an agreement on distribution services.
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SME 51-250
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