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Larisa Murashko
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The United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) offers consumers an integrated automation system for regional scientific and technical libraries on the basis of an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The UIIP NAS of Belarus has developed a system designed to automate the main technological processes in the work of public small and medium-sized scientific and technical libraries, information services of enterprises and organizations: collection of funds, processing of new acquisitions, formation of an electronic catalog, user service, service on the website, data administration and statistics generation.

The ABIS BIT-NTB includes the following subsystems.
* Subsystem "Formation and accounting of funds":
- ordering books;
- subscription to periodicals;
- preliminary distribution of literature;
- control of literature receipts;
- registration of new acquisitions of literature;
- distribution of received literature;
- inventory and total accounting of receipts, movements and write-offs of literature;
- statistical and accounting.
* Subsystem "Cataloging and cataloging":
- online cataloging and authority control;
- export / import of BELMARC files.
* Subsystem "Library Service":
- registration of readers;
- registration of issuance / return of literature in reading rooms, on a subscription and book depositories (AWP "Book issuance");
- formation and ordering by departments of lists of literature for technological processes of library activities (preparation of exhibitions, restoration, etc.) (AWS "Department").
* Subsystem for searching in the electronic catalog and automatic ordering of documents:
- search by the reader in the electronic catalog of the requested documents;
- automatic generation of requirements for selected documents;
- receiving a response to the requirements accepted for execution;
- Formation of requirements for documents that are not in the electronic catalog;
- cancellation / redirection of requests;
- accumulation of statistics.
* Administration subsystem:
- administration;
- formation of statistics (allows you to receive in real time statistical information on the following items).
* Subsystem "Information and reference service":
- formation and printing of bibliographic lists and indexes;
- formation of statistics on ordered literature and refusals.
Advantages and Innovations
The introduction of ABIS BIT-NTB will allow:
* improve the level of information services and expand the range of information services and products offered to scientists and scientific and technical workers of enterprises and regions of Belarus;
* provide access to bibliographic, factual, full-text and objectographic databases created and accumulated within libraries and information services;
* reduce the cost of searching for necessary documents by providing users with online access to electronic catalogs of small and medium scientific and technical libraries;
* to increase the efficiency of using funds of scientific and scientific and technical information in order to ensure further scientific and technological development of enterprises and regions of the country;
* to increase the role and status of information services, scientific and technical libraries of organizations and enterprises, as well as the role of small and medium (regional, district) libraries as scientific, cultural and information centers.
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