Webinar "IP and Artificial Intelligence" (23.04.2020)

RCTT invites all interested to participate in the Webinar «IP and Artificial Intelligence», organized by IPR Helpdesk.

This webinar aims at providing: A general overview of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and intellectual property.

After the training, participants should be able to answer the following main questions:
- What do we understand by intellectual property in artificial intelligence?
- What rights are there in data used by machine learning in AI?
- How is data protected by database rights?
- How to obtain the rights to use data in creating innovation in AI?
- Is it possible to patent inventions in AI?
- What impact will new advice from European and US Patent Offices have on the approach to examining patent applications?
- Who owns inventions made with data supplied from other sources?
- How can innovations in artificial intelligence be sold or licensed for use?

This webinar is a free of charge.
Webinar will be held on the April 23, 2020 at 10.30 a.m. (CET UTC+1) (11.30 a.m. Minsk time).
The webinar language is English.
Registration to the webinar is open. To register, please, fill in the registration form.

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