Services and information resources of RCTT, BCC "EEN Belarus", EEN, European IP Helpdesk, Access2Markets and AUTM are presented at the webinars "Technology Transfer - Foreign Experience"


December 15-17, 2021 as part of the course of additional professional education of the advanced training program "Technologies for the commercialization of scientific projects and technology transfer", webinars on the educational 12-hour module "Technology Transfer - Foreign Experience" were held. The webinars were hosted by the director of RCTT Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy.

Representatives of more than 60 Russian enterprises and universities took part in the webinars.

The webinars covered the following topics:

  • policy and legislation in the field of technology transfer: foreign experience;
  • accounting for intangible assets;
  • IP Insurance;
  • IP Auctions;
  • information resources and services of Republican Center for Technology Transfer, BCC "EEN Belarus", Enterprise Europe Network, European IP Helpdesk, Access2Markets portal, AUTM Network.

    The organizer of the webinars was the World-class science and education centre "Engineering of the Future" (ANO "Institute for Regional Development", Samara, Russian Federation).

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