Top-10 scientific achievements of the NASB of 2021


December 31, 2021, the site of the National Academy of Science of Belarus published the Top-10 scientific achievements of the NASB of 2021 in basic and applied research.

  1. Team of authors from the B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physiology - for the development and creation of an optoelectronic artificial neuron.
  2. Scientists from the V.A. Belyi Metal Polymer Research Institute and the Physical-Technical Institute - for discovering the effect of anomalous reduction in the dynamic instability of mechanical systems in the development of new generation friction products.
  3. Team of scientists from the Powder Metallurgy Institute - for the development and creation of a miniature capillary chamber with metal powders for efficient heat removal in microprocessor technology.
  4. Scientist from the Institute of Chemistry of New Materials - for the creation of new aluminosilicate materials of nanotube structure based on kaolin with high catalytic activity and selectivity.
  5. Team of authours from the Institute of Genetics and Cytology - for determining the spectrum of pathogenic mutations in genes associated with disturbances in the rhythm and conduction of the myocardium.
  6. Researchers from the Scientific and Practical Centre for Bioresources - for the establishment of new factors of nutrient transfer in the plankton of lakes under the influence of invasive animals and convective currents.
  7. Team of authors from the Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds - for the creation of a pharmacological composition with a high antidiabetic potential based on natural and synthetic substances.
  8. Alexander Nikitin, Deputy Director for Science of the Institute of Radiobiology - for the development of a model for the transition of technogenic radionuclides in the "soil-plant" system.
  9. Team of authors from the Centre for the Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature and the Institute of Philosophy - for the creation of a generalized system of Belarusian ethnophilosophy.
  10. Scientists from the Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry and the Institute of System Researches in Agroindustrial Complex - for the development of a comprehensive science-based strategy and effective mechanisms for national food security.

Awarding ceremony will be timed to the Day of Belarusian Science on January 28, 2022