Seeking sustainable and durable materials for packaging applications


A Singapore-based packaging manufacturer is seeking sustainable composite materials as an alternative to wood for use in packaging solutions. Besides packaging, another possible use-case for the material may be for use as planks or floorboards at construction sites.

The proposed composite material should be highly durable (strength and durability should be comparable to wood), cost-effective and be able to be easily manufacturable (e.g., extrusion, molding).

The technology seeker is interested to collaborate with technology owners who:

  • have access to relevant sustainable low-cost material sources as wood replacement
  • are able to co-develop a suitable composite material from these sustainable low-cost material sources, with the desired functionalities for use in packaging applications e.g., able to withstand external loadings under various conditions
  • are able to support the manufacturing of the material into usable products (e.g., packaging, planks)


  • The proposed material should fulfil the following requirements:
  • Must be from a sustainable source i.e., derived from recycled or waste streams
  • High strength and durability - comparable to wood
  • Lightweight
  • To be readily and sustainably manufacturable, e.g., extrudable with standard extrusion processing equipment, or via molding etc.
  • Material should be cost-effective for the desired application (e.g., planks or floorboards)


  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture)
  • R&D Collaboration

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