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Aliaksandr Reshetniak
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The Center for Identification Systems offers consumers and distributors an information system for maintaining basic information about goods produced and sold in the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the purposes of automated accounting in distribution networks and conducting e-commerce processes under an outsourcing agreement or distribution agreement.
Pool of Electronic Passports of Trade Items (ePass) — a comprehensive information system that was developed to harmonize the existing procedures in trade, transport and logistics in Belarus with international rules and standards.

- contains product descriptions presented in the format which complies with the international standards of eCommerce;

- is a source of reliable information about products provided by manufacturers and suppliers;

- creates conditions allowing to shorten the list of documents accompanying goods to points of sale;

- facilitates the acceleration of commodity flows in supply chains and increases their transparency through the use of
e-document management.

Product descriptions come from primary sources (manufacturers and importers). The descriptions are further transmitted to
supply chain participants to be used in business process automation systems. This information collection algorithm makes it possible to:

- eliminate the expenses of multiple manual entry of product data into information systems;

- avoid errors and ensure uniformity of product data throughout the supply chain;

- automatically manage information about documents confirming quality and safety of goods and provide it to

The system includes the information resource epass.by describing goods in accordance with the international standards, which enables participants of trade and transport operations to create and exchange electronic messages.

Information on the consumer characteristics of the goods from ePASS is provided free of charge after scanning the bar code with the ePASS.MOBILe mobile phone scanner program. This program is also free and available for download and installation from AppStore or Google Play. Any legal entities and individuals, regardless of the country of location, can record information about goods and receive complete information about them from ePASS in all available parameters (including through automatic system-to-system synchronization) on the basis of an agreement. Trial access is free for a month.
Advantages and Innovations
The main advantage is that trading partners connected to ePASS (manufacturers of goods, their importers, wholesale and retail intermediaries, electronic trading platforms, exchanges, online stores, EDI providers, etc.) use uniform standardized descriptions of goods in business -processes, incl. and XML-formats of electronic documents (orders - ORDERS, invoices - INVOIC, invoices - DESADV, etc.), without wasting time and money on the coordination of formats, exchange protocols, elimination of manual input errors, etc.
Technical specification or expertise sought
A prerequisite for working with ePASS is that the user and his products have identifiers of the international system of open standards GS1:
* Global Location Number (GLN);
* The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), commonly used as a barcode on an item.
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ICT Industry & Services

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Industry SME 50-249
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J.61.90 - Other telecommunications activities
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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Additional comments
The Center interacts with the state administration bodies and business communities of the Republic of Belarus, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the UNECE structures (CEFACT, WP6, WP7), ISO (TC 204 "Intelligent transport systems").

The Centre collaborates with the leading Belarusian universities and is involved in training students and master's degree students specializing in information technologies.

Over 50,000 manufacturing and trading companies in Belarus are customers of the Centre.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in using the Electronic Passport of Goods Bank (ePASS) under an outsourcing agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing the Electronic Product Passport Bank (ePASS) under a distribution agreement.
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> 500 MNE
> 500
SME 51-250
SME 11-50
SME <= 10


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