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BO4723 Pellets from peat and from its mixture with agricultural waste (husks of cereals and soybeans, corn cobs, etc.) 2022-01-23
BO4726 Fertilizers-ameliorants of soils of complex action 2022-01-23
BO4727 Biologically active feed additive based on environmentally friendly raw materials - peat and sapropel "Tosagum-N" 2022-01-23
BO4721 Plant growth regulator from peat "Humorost" 2022-01-23
BO4722 Preservative for wet crimped grain "Gumoplyus" 2022-01-23
BO4702 Medicinal product - antitumor drug Bortezomib and technology for producing the substance 2022-01-16
BO4701 Medicinal product - antitumor drug Pemetrexed and technology for producing the substance 2022-01-16
BO4705 Medicinal product - antitumor drug Azacitidine and technology for producing the substance 2022-01-16
BO4703 Medicinal preparations with antitumor and antiviral activity and initial nucleosides for their creation 2022-01-15
BO4676 Stabilized chemical substances based on nanoparticles of bioelements 2022-01-08
BO4675 Fibrous catalyst for hydrogen sulfide oxidation 2022-01-08
BO4672 Hollow fiber separators and filter elements 2022-01-08
BO4674 Ionic soils for growing plants 2022-01-08
BO3569 Automated modular membrane water treatment plant with productivity from 10 to 100 m3 / h 2022-01-08
BO3571 Household water purification filters MIFIL 2022-01-08
BO4671 Filter cartridge for water purification 2022-01-08
BO4656 Sorbents selective with respect to radionuclides 85Sr and 60Co 2022-01-01
BO3887 Garden var "Ecosil" anti-cancer reflective 2022-01-01
BO3886 Garden water-dispersion paint "Ecosil" 2022-01-01