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BO5079 Compound feed for sturgeons 2022-05-20
BO5076 Compound feed for salmon fish 2022-05-20
BO5075 The drug "Disol-Na" 2022-05-20
BO4905 Anthelmintic drug for the fight against fish diplostomiasis "Diplocid" 2022-05-20
BO4906 Industrial hybrid carp Sarboyansky x Mix mirror 2022-05-20
BO5036 Double interline mid-season hybrid of corn Polessian 212 CB FAO 210 2022-05-14
BO5035 Sunflower hybrid Helios 2022-05-14
BO5058 Vaccine "Pnevmobakt-L" inactivated emulsified for the prevention of pasteurellosis in cattle 2022-05-14
BO5056 Complex preparation of antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulatory action for the prevention and treatment of pneumoenteritis in young pigs "Argolaferrin" 2022-05-14
BO5059 Inactivated vaccine for the prevention of infectious rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3 and pasteurellosis in cattle "BelViroPast" 2022-05-14
BO5054 Complex drug based on recombinant interferon and an antiviral chemical component for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases in carnivores "Feronovirin" 2022-05-14
BO5057 Veterinary preparations "Bravidefen", "Metaphytohit", "Sapofor" 2022-05-14
BO5038 Simple interlinear early ripe corn hybrid Polessian 101 CB FAO 180 2022-05-08
BO5039 Three-line early ripe corn hybrid Polessian 175 CB FAO 180 2022-05-08
BO5037 Three-line mid-early corn hybrid Polessian 195 CB FAO 210 2022-05-08
TO5012 Automated history book of agricultural enterprise fields based on GIS technologies 2022-05-01
TO5015 Automated system for designing the construction and reconstruction of reclamation systems 2022-05-01
TO5014 Automated system of state accounting of reclamation systems and separately located hydraulic structures 2022-05-01
BO5018 Flushing sleeve MPG-1 2022-05-01
BO5017 Telescopic guiding device UNT-6 2022-05-01