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BO6924 Determination of the heavy metals in various materials 2023-05-27
BO6931 Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of construction projects 2023-05-27
BO6928 Assessment of water quality (drinking, surface and waste) based on 56 indicators 2023-05-26
BO6923 Local monitoring of lands in the area of location of identified or potential sources of their pollution 2023-05-26
BO6922 Sylphium perfoliatum Seeds 2023-05-26
BO6888 Soil ameliorants 2023-05-20
BO6889 Biologically active preparations from peat and raw materials of plant origin "Hydrohumate" and "Oxygumat" 2023-05-20
BO6890 Peat based adsorbents 2023-05-20
BO6887 Complex humic microfertilizers "EleGum" 2023-05-20
BO6885 Plant growth regulator "Oxyhumate" 2023-05-20
BO6848 The drug Etoricoxib 2023-05-18
BO6849 The drug Cinnarizine-NAN 2023-05-18
BO6850 The drug Memantine-NAN 2023-05-18
BO6851 The drug Viradej (Emtricitabine, Tenofovir disoproxil and Efavirenz) 2023-05-18
BO6852 The drug Febuxostat-NAN 2023-05-18
BO6779 Computer program "Air separation membranes: selection, calculation, analysis of mass transfer characteristics" 2023-05-14
BO6781 Computer program "Thermodynamic calculation of processes in diesel internal combustion engines" 2023-05-14
BO6785 Computer program "Hypersonic flow around bodies of revolution" 2023-05-14
BO6783 Computer program "Convective heat transfer in channels with smooth walls" 2023-05-14
BO6773 Diagnostics of the thermal state of industrial equipment, structural elements of buildings and structures 2023-05-14