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TO11100 Freezing-up technology and equipment of continous-iterative casting 2024-07-20
TO3012 Technology and equipment for continuous horizontal casting of billets from cast iron and non-ferrous alloys 2024-07-20
TO3018 Technology of casting chrome iron parts in chill and composite molds. 2024-07-20
TO3013 Electroslag remelting installation 2024-07-20
TO2097 Technology for the production of antifriction silumin as a replacement for antifriction bronze 2024-07-20
BO6827 Manufacture and sale of pulsed photoemission pyrometers «PIF 18» for non-contact measurement of temperature dynamics in fast-flowing thermal processes 2024-07-19
BO7617 Manufacture and supply of heat flux sensors 2024-07-18
BO10033 Agrodron A60-X - сomplex for field spraying using ultra-low volume technology (ULV 5-10 l/ha) 2024-07-17
RDR8246 Development of the Belarusian-Chinese segment of the information technology platform for the transfer and commercialization of technologies for collective use 2024-07-16
TO11042 Manufacturing technology of bimetallic Cu-Ag wire 2024-07-15
TO11048 Express method for detecting methanol 2024-07-14
TO2986 Magnetoelectric composite materials 2024-07-13
BO3420 Capacitive fuel volume sensor 2024-07-13
BO5694 Ultrasonic sealer for blood transfusion lines ZU-100 2024-07-13
BO11038 Surgical instrument for the treatment of extrasphincteric pararectal fistulas of the rectum 2024-07-13
BO6499 Manufacture and supply of a line of biopreparations «ANTOIL®», «ANTOIL®+», «ANTOIL®+C» for environmental protection 2024-07-12
BO4820 Manufacture and supply of feed additive «Rumibact» for normalize rumen digestion in ruminants, upgrade milking productivity and quality of milk in cattle, reduce risks of acidosis 2024-07-10
BO5653 Ductile iron indicator ICh-21 2024-07-07
BO10977 Magnetic thickness gauges MTC 2024-07-07
BO10987 Set of equipment for monitoring the depth of strengthened layers ICH-31 2024-07-07