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BO6146 Set of electronic modules of the control system of the traction battery of electric vehicles 2023-01-26
BO6150 Frame-panel light cargo electric vehicle for multifunctional purposes ZUBRICK ELECTRO 2023-01-26
BO6149 Frame-panel passenger electric vehicle ACADEMIC ELECTRO 2023-01-26
BO6147 Electric car ELECTRO ROADSTER 2023-01-26
BO6145 Traction battery for ice-filling combines "BELARUS KL 418" 2023-01-26
TO6099 Technology for the production of pH-sensitive membranes for the purification of aqueous and technological media 2023-01-20
TO6096 Technology of intensive exstracting starch in potato processing 2023-01-20
TO6098 Technology of solid-phase automatic synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides 2023-01-20
TO6094 Technologies for the production of stabilized chemical substances based on nanoparticles of bioelements 2023-01-20
TO6095 Library of deuterated analogs of arachidonic acid 2023-01-20
BO3864 Modular water treatment units for process water production 2023-01-14
BO3891 Pilot-industrial technology of household and drinking water supply from artesian sources 2023-01-14
BO6053 Stations for catalytic removal of iron from artesian water 2023-01-14
TO6055 Technology of rational use of water resources in water circulation systems 2023-01-14
BO6056 Water microfiltration plants 2023-01-14
BO6035 Lithium batteries 2023-01-07
BO6033 Trolley lift electrified TPE-1 for greenhouses 2023-01-07
BO6036 Experimental electric scooters based on "Hors 051" and "Hors 052" 2023-01-07
BO6032 Greenhouse Hand Truck WT-500 2023-01-07
BO4634 Fireman's barrel, manual universal combined SPRUK-50/0.7 and SPRU-50/0.7 2023-01-07