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BO4525 Sizing screens 2021-12-03
BO4524 Centrifugal Impact Mills 2021-12-03
BO4523 Centrifugal Impact Crushers 2021-12-03
BO4522 Centrifugal classifiers 2021-12-03
BO4521 Cascade gravity classifiers 2021-12-03
BO4500 Metallization of polymer-based roll materials 2021-11-28
BO4498 Technological complex for processing aluminum waste 2021-11-28
BO4501 Carbon-containing diamond-like coatings 2021-11-28
BO4499 Refractory ceramic materials for non-ferrous metal casting 2021-11-28
BO4504 Multilayer wear-resistant coatings 2021-11-28
TO2029 Technology and equipment for production of porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene by laser ablation GRIFTEX 2021-11-21
BO4469 Composite polymer coatings for aircraft and machine-building purposes 2021-11-21
BO4478 Carbon material BELUM 2021-11-21
BO4472 Fluoroplastic composite material Superfluvis 2021-11-21
BO4479 OPUS computer program for determining the deformation-strength characteristics and the thickness of the interfacial layer in a composite on a polymer matrix 2021-11-21
TO4447 Certified instrumentation and precision positioning devices for use in high-tech industries: E401 temperature meter, E801 temperature meter-controller, E1 stepper drive controller 2021-11-14
TO4451 Manufacturing technology of replaceable plates from superhard composite materials based on cubic boron nitride and refractory compounds for machining cast iron and steel products 2021-11-13
TO4449 Relationship between the crystal structure and electromechanical properties of multiferroics based on bismuth ferrite 2021-11-13
TO4448 Manufacturing technology of ultrathin laser nonlinear optical elements and a thermal unit for growing nonlinear optical single crystals by the modified Czochralski method 2021-11-13
TO4452 Physicochemical conditions of crystallization, optical and lasing characteristics of single-crystal films of double tungstates KGd (WO4) 2 doped with ions of rare-earth elements (Er3 +, Ho3 +) for use in active waveguide structures 2021-11-13