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BO7875 Services for the applying metal coatings to the surface of optical elements 2024-05-23
BO7898 Foundry services for the creation of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) 2024-05-23
BO7923 Development and manufacture of sensitive elements and MEMS sensors 2024-05-23
BO8507 Manufacture and supply of alignment boards for fixing optical fiber 2024-05-23
BO8525 Manufacture and supply of silicon sensing elements of the axial type with increased pendula roth and curved suspensions for tilt angle sensors of the navigation level 2024-05-23
BO7952 Manufacture and supply of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) of Lange couplers 2024-05-23
BO1832 Republican Centre for Technology Transfer offers its competences to foreign companies and investors 2024-05-15
TO4310 Republican Centre for Technology Transfer offers expertise in efficient and agile exploitation of top research results and business ideas through open innovation to participate in joint international projects 2024-05-15
BO4952 Republican Center for Technology Transfer offers services to innovative organizations and enterprises of Belarus in finding foreign partners 2024-05-14
BO3406 Specialized GIS technology for creating synthetic cartographic surfaces 2024-05-12
BO10440 Interagency system for monitoring and responding to fires in natural ecosystems using operational data from the Belarusian Space Remote Sensing System (BSRSS) 2024-05-12
BO10436 Software complex for semantic information retrieval in the field of space activities 2024-05-12
BO3407 Belarusian space system for Earth remote sensing 2024-05-12
BO10435 Ground-based complex for receiving Earth remote sensing data 2024-05-12
BO2090 The Centre for system analysis and strategic research of NASB offers expert services in the field of identification of strategic directions of scientific and technological progress 2024-05-08
BO9154 Manufacture and supply of laser therapeutic apparatuses «Prometey-IP» 2024-05-03
BO10182 Manufacture and supply of pulse-pumped femtosecond laser systems 2024-05-03
BO9138 Manufacture and supply of laser therapeutic apparatuses «Rodnik-IP» 2024-05-03
BO9115 Manufacture and supply of apparatuses for generating an air plasma jet «ALOE» for sterilization and wound healing 2024-05-03
BO9104 Manufacture and sale of high-precision prisms and prism blocks 2024-05-03