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BO5621 Materials and technology for the production of flexible pipes for pneumatic systems of automotive and agricultural machinery 2022-09-23
BO5620 Ariel KBZ/4 Compressor Valve Plate Repair Kits 2022-09-23
BO5626 Slab made of composite material based on polymer waste 2022-09-23
BO5624 Specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" for biomechanical diagnostics of hemodynamics 2022-09-23
BO5622 Friction Composites and Products for Stationary Friction Units 2022-09-23
BO5605 Conveyor metal detector MDK 2022-09-18
BO3405 A wide range of products and technical capabilities of Experimental and Production Enterprise "Ferrit" 2022-09-18
BO5603 Belt conveyor 2022-09-18
BO5606 Special block magnetic SBM 2022-09-17
BO5600 Metal detector frame (arch) MDR 2022-09-17
BO5601 Lifting magnets MG series 2022-09-17
BO5553 Cutting ceramics containing silicon nitride 2022-09-09
BO5554 Polycrystalline superhard material containing cubic boron nitride with nanoscale structure 2022-09-09
BO5555 Composite superhard material (CSHM) based on diamond and CSHM containing cubic boron nitride (CBN) with a diameter of 5 mm and a thickness of 3-4 mm 2022-09-09
BO5567 High-strength cubic boron nitride powders and diamond powders with amorphous coatings 2022-09-09
BO5558 Diamond powders AC 65 and higher with grain size 125\100 - 250\200 not less than 40% 2022-09-09
BO5497 Protective device 2.5-12GHz 2022-09-02
BO5498 Laser diode driver 2022-09-02
BO5499 Gas connector (quick-detachable clamp) CG-2 2022-09-02
BO5501 Oxygen inhaler IK 33 2022-09-02