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TO5400 Energy efficient induction heating technologies 2022-08-05
TO3039 High voltage electrochemical oxidation technology to form decorative and hardwearing aluminum oxide coatings on aluminum alloys 2022-08-05
TO5394 Combined shaping technologies based on cross-wedge rolling and stamping 2022-08-05
TO5396 Technology and equipment for cross-wedge rolling of axisymmetric parts 2022-08-05
TO5397 The technology of applying superhard wear-resistant coatings based on diamond-like carbon to watch parts 2022-08-05
BO5375 Seismic impact assessment 2022-07-27
BO5376 Seismological monitoring 2022-07-27
BO5377 Seismic microzoning 2022-07-27
BO5378 Georadar survey 2022-07-27
BO5381 Public information 2022-07-27
BO5350 LED greenhouse irradiators FAR-1 2022-07-22
BO5342 LED Streetlight luminaires PHOENIX 2022-07-22
BO5343 LED industrial luminaires FAR-1 2022-07-22
BO5346 LED household luminaires 2022-07-22
BO5345 LED Industrial luminaires INDUSTRY POINT 2022-07-22
BO3401 Center of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies of the NAS of Belarus offers consumers and distributors a wide range of own-made LED-based products 2022-07-22
BO5316 Submersible two-detector gamma-spectrometer based on SrI2(Eu) scintillation crystals 2022-07-15
BO5323 Laser photoacoustic gas analyzer 2022-07-15
BO5318 Optical metamaterials 2022-07-15
BO5321 Radially or azimuthally polarized conical light beam generator 2022-07-15