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Ludmila Ovseenko
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The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry offers consumers modular water treatment units for process water production under a manufacturing agreement and is also looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
Modular water purification units for technological needs consist of three blocks: 1 - aeration, 2 - sorption-catalytic block, 3 - microfiltration block. In the first block, water is saturated with air oxygen, in the second block, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized, and in the third block, mechanical and colloidal impurities are retained. Water treatment plants are fully automated and do not require consumable reagents.

Water purification from iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide is carried out by a number of successive processes: saturation of water with oxygen air, catalytic oxidation of these compounds and their conversion into insoluble forms (hydroxo compounds of iron and manganese, free sulfur), microfiltration purification from mechanical and colloidal impurities.

The developments of the Institute in the field of technologies, materials, equipment for water purification and water treatment can be found here.
Advantages and Innovations
• ability to purify water from surface sources;
• low consumption of water for own needs;
• high efficiency in reducing turbidity and colloidal index of water;
• the filtration elements are regenerated automatically by backwash;
• no pre-reagent treatment is required.
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- «BelОМО» holding;
- OJSC «Belshina»;
- Healthcare Institution "Mogilev Regional Clinical Hospital" and others.
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M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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E.36.00 - Water collection, treatment and supply
C.20.13 - Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals
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The main activities of the Institute.

Development of technologies for processing polymineral potash and phosphate ores, conversion methods for obtaining potassium sulfate, technologies for the enrichment of sylvinite ores and improving the quality of mineral fertilizers. Development of initial data and justification of technological approaches to the organization of new mining and processing industries. Engineering support of technological projects for the creation of new large-scale production facilities for the processing of mineral salts and by-products of their production.

Substantiation of technologies for the production of new forms of mineral fertilizers, including complex fertilizers containing trace elements and plant growth stimulants. Development of modifying additives and compositions of water-repellent compositions for agglomeration of fine chemical products, technologies for obtaining granular materials by pelletizing and pressing.

Regulation of the processes of structure formation, thermodynamic and aggregative stability of oil and organo-mineral dispersions with chemical reagents in order to create new effective modifiers and composite materials for use in energy and resource-saving technologies in civil, road construction and in the oil refining industry.

Creation of new inorganic adsorbents, catalytically active and membrane materials for water treatment and purification of technological liquid media, new composite and hybrid bioinorganic materials.

Adsorption modification of the surface, flocculation and stabilization in heterogeneous salt dispersed systems with water-soluble polymers in the processing of mineral ores, water purification and water treatment; development of compositions of inorganic coagulants and polymeric flocculants for wastewater treatment and dehydration of clay-salt dispersions.

Development of new chemical additives - plasticizers, water repellents, sealing, waterproofing, anti-corrosion materials for concrete and metal structures. Creation of new paints and varnishes (water-based, powder, heat-resistant, superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic), corrosion-protective coatings.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing the modular water treatment units for process water production under a manufacturing agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing the modular water treatment units for process water production under a distribution services agreement.
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> 500 MNE
> 500
SME 51-250
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