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Ludmila Ovseenko
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The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry offers consumers sorbents selective for 85Sr and 60Co radionuclides on the basis of a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The creation of new materials and technologies is due to the need for the safe handling of liquid radioactive waste. At present, sorption materials with high selectivity for both 85Sr and 60Co radionuclides are practically not described.

The theoretical significance of the development is to establish the mechanism of action of hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid on the crystalline and porous structure of sorbents based on hydroxyapatite.
Advantages and Innovations
Adsorbents with a developed mesoporous structure (pore size 15..20 nm, sorption volume 0.60..0.80 cm3/g), specific surface area 200..250 m2/g, containing phosphonic groups, the presence of which imparts high selectivity to sorbents in relation to radionuclides 85Sr and 60Co. Sorbents are characterized by 8-10 times higher selectivity in relation to radionuclides 85Sr and 60Co in highly saline solutions (up to 50 g l) as compared to analogs (distribution coefficients are 103-104 cm3/g).

The method of obtaining sorbents with a given nature of the surface (the presence of phosphonic groups) and a porous structure (size and volume of pores, specific surface) ensures the production of sorbents with a high affinity for 85Sr and 60Co radionuclides and a high rate of sorption from aqueous solutions.
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Development of technologies of poly-mineral potassium and phosphate ores processing, conversion methods of potassium sulfate fabrication, technologies of sylvinite ores enrichment, and improvement of the mineral fertilizers quality.

Development of initial data and substantiation of technological approaches for the organization of new ore-mining and processing production facilities. Engineering support of technological projects on the creation of new large-tonnage production facilities for processing of mineral salts and minor products.

Justification of production engineering of the mineral fertilizers - complex, water-holding, containing microelements and stimulators of plant growth. Development of modifying additives and hydrophobic compositions for the small-disperse chemical products agglomeration, technologies of granulated materials by rolling and pressing methods.

Regulation of structure formation of the oil and organic-mineral dispersions, its thermodynamic and aggregate stability by chemical reagents to create new effective modifiers and composite materials for the application in road construction technologies and oil-processing industry.

Creation of new inorganic adsorbents, catalytically active and membrane materials for water-preparation and purification of liquid media, new composite, and hybrid materials – photo-catalysts, bio-inorganic materials, special materials for chemical protection of securities and documents against fraud.

Adsorption modification of the surface, flocculation, and stabilization in heterogenic salt disperse systems by water-soluble polymers in the processing of mineral ores, water purification, and water preparation, development of compositions of the inorganic coagulants and polymer flocculants for the wastewaters purification, and clay-salt dispersions dehydration.

Development of new chemical additives – plasticizers, hydrophobic agents, regulators of hardening of concrete and construction mixtures, sealing, waterproofing, anti-corrosion materials for concrete and metal structures (water –emulsion, powder, thermo-resistant pigments, superhydrophobic and super hydrophilic, corrosion-protective coatings).
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Customers interested in purchasing sorbents selective for 85Sr and 60Co radionuclides under a manufacturing agreement.

Distributors interested in purchasing sorbents selective for 85Sr and 60Co radionuclides under a distribution services agreement.
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