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Anastasiia Zaitseva
SSPA of Powder Metallurgy offers consumers anti-gravity heat pipes under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The heat pipes are used for cooling heat-generating electronic elements. The maximum heat transfer power is 85 W (with the length of the anti-gravity heat pipe 188 mm), the temperature difference between the heat exchange zones is ΔT ≤ 3ºC, and the maximum temperature of the evaporation zone is T1≤70 ºC. Anti-gravity heat pipes with a powder capillary structure and a flat shape of heat exchange zones transfer heat in a vertical position (evaporation zone at the top).

Included in the Catalog of exhibits (TOP DEVELOPMENTS by exposition clusters) of the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements "Intellectual Belarus 2023".
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies
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C.24.33 - Cold forming or folding
C.25.50 - Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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SSPA of Powder Metallurgy is the leading intersectoral research and production center in the Republic of Belarus, operating in key areas for the country's industrial complex:

- powder metallurgy;
- composite materials, incl. nanostructural;
- use of impulse technologies for the creation and production of materials and products;
- vacuum equipment and technologies;
- welding (technologies, materials, equipment and control);
- materials and equipment for applying protective and functional coatings;
- structural ceramics;
- medical materials and instruments;
- synthesis and production of tools from superhard materials;
- injection molding;
- special technologies, including the disposal of artillery and engineering ammunition, the disposal of aircraft weapons, the production of industrial emulsion explosives.

The geography of scientific and business relations of the Association covers the countries of Eastern, Western and Central Europe, the USA, India, Korea, China, Vietnam, etc.

The Association has a powerful research and experimental base, equipped with modern research equipment, pilot production facilities at institutes, as well as a powder metallurgy plant.

The Association holdy one of the leading positions in the world for production of:

- structural powder components of complex shape for machine building;
- sintered powder friction discs on iron- and copper basis for working in conditions of complete lubrication absence of lubrication;
- porous permeable powder materials on the stainless steel-, titanium-, nickel- and bronze basis;
- bimetals and composite multilayer metal materials produced by explosion welding;
- diamond tools for working and cutting building materials;
- heat pipes with powder capillary structure and heat sinks on their basis for effective cooling of radioelectronic equipment elements and electromechanic devices;
- composite powders for spraying corrosion- and heat- resistant coatings;
- vacuum-plasma spraying technologies of protective coatings;
- production of dental, orthopedic and cardiologic implants on the basis of biocompatible and bioactive materials;
- welding equipment, technologies and materials.

The Association incorporates the following centers:

- Investigation and Test Centre for Testing of Metal and Non-Metal Materials and Products;
- Inspection and Testing Laboratory for Welding Products, Materials and Equipment, certification document BY/ from 13.11.2006 for the period since 13.02.2009 till 13.11.2014;
- Unit for Certification of Metal and Non-metal Materials and Products;
- Interdepartmental coordinate council for welding and related technologies;
- National technical committee on standardization TC BY8 “Powder composite, superhard materials and products, explosive substances;”
- National technical committee on standardization TC BY5 “Welding and related processes”.
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Distribution services agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing anti-gravity heat pipes under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing anti-gravity heat pipes under a distribution services agreement.
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