Tolochin tinned food factory  
211072, Belarus, Vitebsk region, agricultural town Ozertsy, Shkolnaya, St.16a.

Early table potatoes "Palace" of the Tolochin tinned food factory










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Andrey Murashko
+ 375 29 842 6494
Tolochin tinned food factory offers consumers early table potatoes "Palace" of potatoes resistant to potato nematode and cancer, moderately resistant to fusarium dry rot, tuber blight, anthracnose, leaf blight, alternaria blight, common scab under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement.
Early table potatoes "Palace"

Included in the State Register of the Republic of Belarus in 2017.
Patent of the Republic of Belarus No. 510 dated June 15, 2017.

Early maturity: early
Household purpose: dining room
Productivity: up to 65.0 t/ha
Starch content: up to 14.0%
Consumer qualities: good taste, culinary type AB
Disease resistance: resistant to potato nematode and potato cancer; moderately resistant to Fusarium dry rot, tuber blight, anthracnose, leaf blight, Alternaria blight, common scab
Morphological characteristics: tubers from oval to elongated oval; the peel is red, smooth; eyes small; the pulp is light yellow; the flowers are red-violet.

Booklet Tolochin tinned food factory you can download here (in Russian).
Advantages and Innovations
Features of the variety:
- effectively uses natural soil fertility;
- early tuberization and rapid accumulation of crops in the first half of the growing season;
- resistant to mechanical damage;
- keeping quality is good.
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Industry SME 50-249
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A.01.63 - Post-harvest crop activities
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
M.73.20 - Market research and public opinion polling
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RUE "Tolochin tinned food factory" is a powerful, modern, technically equipped enterprise.

Quality, traditions, modern technologies, qualified personnel and the desire to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms make our company an attractive business partner. We invite companies interested in our products to cooperate and guarantee quality service and reliability.

All interested organizations can familiarize themselves with our product catalog.

Currently, the company produces 62 types of fruit wines, of which 26 are of improved quality. In addition, in 2008 the company began producing fruit and berry natural table wines (7 types). The enterprise's capacity is 846 thousand dal of wine per year.

Since 2000, the company has been participating in international wine competitions in Yalta, Moscow, and Minsk. In total, the enterprise has 51 medals, of which 36 are gold, and diplomas from the GUST tasting competition.

A network of our own branded stores has been created. During the reorganization process, the Tolochin Starch Plant was added. 500 hectares of potatoes of 15 varieties were planted, including elite potato varieties for sale.

In 2005, the company began producing grape wines. A room has been equipped for storing grape wine materials before bottling, in which a refrigeration device is installed that maintains the room temperature of -2 C. For bottling grape wines, a rinser and a monoblock for filling and capping bottles, a universal automatic capping machine for capping bottles with a cork stopper are installed in the bottling shop No. 1 . The capacity of the workshop for the production of grape wines is 50 thousand dal of wine per year.

Strict control over product quality is carried out by an accredited laboratory.

Tolochin tinned food factory regularly takes part in international and regional specialized exhibitions. In 2008 Diplomas of the Republican competition GUST were awarded to the fruit and berry wines “Ruby Dawns” and “Zhuravinnoye”, as well as the fruit and berry wine “Natural Table Redcurrant”.

The company sells potatoes, fruits and berries of its own production, fruit and berry and natural wines, as well as potato starch on the domestic market. All products, with the exception of finished wines, are exported.


Regarding the supply of products for the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus and beyond, please contact the sales department: tel./fax: +375 (2136) 2-98-39, +375 (2136) 2-98-89, +375 (2136 ) 2-98-55, +375 (2136) 39948

Package of documents required to conclude an agreement:
A copy of the registration certificate;
Copy of licenses (wholesale, retail);
Postcode, legal address;
Zip code, postal address;
Bank details, bank address;
Full name of the head of the enterprise, on the basis of which he works (power of attorney, charter). Provide a copy of the power of attorney;
Unloading point;
Contact numbers indicating responsible persons:
sales department;
phone fax.

tel. +375 (33) 329-10-09, Andrey Georgievich
Certification standards
In 2007, the company introduced an international quality management system in accordance with STB ISO 9001-2001 and a quality and food safety management system based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles.
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Distribution services agreement
Manufacturing agreement
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Consumers interested in purchasing early table potatoes "Palace" resistant to potato nematode and potato canker, moderately resistant to fusarium dry rot, tuber blight, anthracnose, leaf blight, Aaternaria blight, common scab under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing early table potatoes "Palace" resistant to potato nematode and potato canker, moderately resistant to fusarium dry rot, tuber blight, anthracnose, leaf blight, Alternaria blight, common scab under a distribution services agreement.
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> 500
SME 51-250
SME 11-50
SME <= 10
R&D Institution
Sole proprietor


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