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Machines and equipment for laying and removing from storage - Scooter pick-up PKS-40 (mole)










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Aleksandr Borodin
Production Enterprise "Experimental Plant" offers consumers a machines and equipment for laying and removing from storage - Scooter pick-up PKS-40 (mole) under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement.
The self-propelled potato picker PKS-40 (KROT) is used for removing potatoes, onions, etc. from piles with bulk storage. The potato picker consists of two parts:
-self-propelled tractor;
-trailed telescopic conveyor for feeding the product lifted from the pile further to any production line.

Principle of operation:
The self-propelled potato picker is a self-propelled vehicle and is controlled by an operator sitting on it from an ergonomic control panel. The sharp nose of the picker drives into the very bottom of the pile, picking up the product and sending it along its own conveyor.

Metal - rubber wheel covers with a lower rubber side prevent collisions with vegetables. The movement is controlled by convenient joysticks from the control panel in front of the operator's seat. The drive to the wheels is transmitted uniformly by a chain transmission from two geared motors.

The product is further fed along the conveyor belt of a self-propelled tractor onto the belt of a trailed telescopic conveyor. The supporting rotating platform of the telescopic conveyor allows the potato picker to be rotated in any direction.

The standard package includes:

Reinforced hydraulic jack for convenient installation of trailed telescopic conveyors on a turntable.

The lamellar driving and driven drums developed by the plant designers are made in the shape of a barrel, which prevents the belt from slipping and increases its service life.

The mole has a convenient tensioning mechanism that allows you to quickly replace the belts without removing the drive shafts.

The soft and ergonomic adjustable chair is comfortable for the operator.

A powerful LED spotlight makes working at night easier.

Each PKS potato picker is equipped with a separate control cabinet in which the following is installed differential circuit breaker for protection against short circuit current and current leakage Schneider Electric (France).

The PKS-40 is equipped with reinforced pneumatic tires with a radial frame from forklifts, which, unlike simple R13 car tires, provide maximum grip, withstand increased loads and have a long service life.

The plant uses two-component polyurethane paint and varnish coating from Tikkurila (Finland).


Machine type
Productivity per 1 hour of main time, tup to 40
Capture area, m2130
Installed power, kW3,7
Machine weight, kgno more than 1200
Overall dimensions of the scooter, mm: length / width, no more / height, no more;1100

More details in the Catalog "Equipment for vegetable growing" (in Russian).

Gallery (video of production and products).
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Unlike its analogues, the PKS 40 is equipped with reinforced motion control joysticks.
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Industry SME 50-249
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A.01.63 - Post-harvest crop activities
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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State Enterprise "Experimental Plant" RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization" is one of the world's manufacturers of machines for planting potatoes, post-emergence processing, technological lines for storing and removing root crops from storage, as well as a complex machines (mini-factories) to prepare them for sale (dry cleaning, washing, grinding, weighing and packaging in polyethylene, mesh bags).

RUE "Experimental Plant of the Institute of Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" was organized in 1958 on the basis of the existing workshops of the Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the BSSR on the basis of the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR dated March 24, 1958 No. 175 and the order of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the BSSR dated 21 May 1958 No. 11.

Material and technical re-equipment of the enterprise was carried out. New machines and equipment were purchased and premises were renovated.

The newest products of the plant are machines for the primary processing of potatoes and other root crops, storing them, removing them from storage and preparing vegetable products for sale in the retail chain.

The produced machines fully comply with international standards and have certificates of conformity of the Customs Union and the European Union. Considering the use of Belarusian and Russian-made components, the cost of manufactured machines is 30-40% lower than imported analogues.

A special feature of the plant is the fact that the machines produced can be profitably assembled into lines consisting of machines of various contents, which can be used both when used in large modern warehouses, logistics centers, and in small farms.
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Consumers interested in purchasing machines and equipment for placing and removing from storage - Scooter-pick-up PKS-40 (mole) under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing machines and equipment for placing and removing from storage - Scooter-pick-up PKS-40 (mole) under a distribution services agreement.
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> 500
SME 51-250
SME 11-50
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