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Specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" for biomechanical diagnostics of hemodynamics










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Bozhanova Elena
V.A. Belyi Metal Polymer Research Institute offers consumers specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" for biomechanical diagnostics of hemodynamics under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" is a means of information support for a doctor and a sports trainer in the form of a software and hardware diagnostic complex that implements a biomechanical model of arterial hemodynamics and the oscillometry method.

Application area:
* primary control (screening) of the population to assess the ability to work and professional suitability, early detection of functional abnormalities of the state of the cardiovascular system from the norm;
* optimization of training and reduction of injuries in physical education and sports;
* mobility, diagnostics and monitoring with remote access, including the conditions of sports training and competition.
Advantages and Innovations
* high information content (95 output parameters, 15 graphic forms);
* non-invasiveness, separate assessment of the state of the heart (including heart rate variability), arterial vessels, blood and the cardiovascular system as a whole;
* automatic detection of hypertension, heart failure and other mass cardiopathologies by comparing individual diagnostic data with control cardioprofiles.
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Field tested/evaluated (TRL8)
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Laboratory sample. Registration certificate dated February 19, 2015 No. 738 "BIOSPAS".
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ICT Industry & Services

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C.22.29 - Manufacture of other plastic products
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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At present, V.A. Belyi Metal Polymer Research Institute is an academic scientific and technical complex, working in the direction of fundamental and applied research in two main scientific areas:
- physical and chemical bases for the development of composite materials based on organic and inorganic polymers;
- physics, chemistry and surface mechanics, analysis of contact interactions, friction, wear and lubrication in technical and biological systems.

Within these areas, research is being developed in such areas as:
- interfacial phenomena in polymer-polymer and metal-polymer systems;
- weather resistance and predicting the durability of polymer composites;
- adaptive materials and structures;
- physics and chemistry of lubricating action;
- methods of sealing and filtration;
- methods for calculating products made of composite materials;
- recycling of multicomponent polymer systems;
- physics and technology of thin films;
- methods of surface analysis, description and classification of its topography at the micro- and nanolevel;
- solution -contact and thermal problems of tribotechnics;
- space tribotechnics;
- friction and lubrication of natural and artificial joints;
- diagnostics and monitoring of friction units of machines.

Areas of possible cooperation:
- Physics, chemistry, mechanics of polymers and composites based on them;
- Studies of the processes of friction, wear and lubrication of solids, examination and forecasting of the resource of friction units;
- Technologies for applying polymer, metal-polymer and ceramic coatings for various purposes (decorative, anti-corrosion, anti-friction, electrical insulating, etc.) and equipment for their implementation;
- Surface probe microscopy, research of surface micromechanical properties, modeling of contact processes at micro- and nanolevels, production of tribometric equipment and tools for surface scanning probe microscopy;
- Design and manufacture of technological equipment and tooling for molding products from polymeric materials, software tools for technological processes;
- Active film materials for food packaging;
- Anti-friction and non-asbestos friction materials;
- Sealing materials and designs of movable and fixed seals for machines, equipment, oil and gas pipelines;
- Wood-polymer materials with protective and decorative coatings;
- Sound and heat insulation materials;
- Blends based on structural thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers;
- Temperature-resistant lubricants and cutting fluids;
- Packaging film materials for the protection of metal products, machine tools, equipment from corrosion;
- Filtering polymeric materials for purification of gases and liquids;
- Biomechanics and polymer implants for surgery;
- Biotechnology based on the use of polymeric materials;
- Mesomechanics of polymeric materials;
- Computer simulation of materials processing technologies;
- Research of electrophysical properties of polymers and composites.

Every year, work is carried out under 15-20 contracts with the CIS countries and far abroad countries (Russia, Ukraine, USA, France, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Poland, etc.) for the development and supply of scientific equipment, new materials and technologies.
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Consumers interested in purchasing a specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" for biomechanical diagnostics of hemodynamics under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing a specialized software and hardware tool "BIOSPAS" for biomechanical diagnostics of hemodynamics under a distribution services agreement.
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