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Liudmila Goncharova
The Central Botanical Garden offers consumers (visitors) services for thematic tours in various areas of the botanical garden under an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
Thematic excursions.

Sightseeing tour of the Botanical Garden.
The tour will introduce you to the history of the botanical garden, its landscape architecture and layout, including the most interesting corners of the garden and exposition, as well as decorative flower collections, trees and flowering shrubs replacing each other.

The fascinating world of the tropics.
The tour is held in the exposition greenhouse, introduces unusual and amazing plants of Central and South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean countries, plants of savannas and monsoon forests, as well as plants of coastal zones. Here you can see a wide variety of ficuses and vines, get acquainted with exotic plants whose fruits are edible: banana, coffee, cocoa, dwarf pomegranate, cactus fruits, as well as many other interesting plants. Turtles, parrots and fish will help visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of the tropics.

Home friends.
The tour is held in the exposition greenhouse for schoolchildren of grades 1-4. During the excursion, students get acquainted with tropical plants that can be grown at home and in school corners of nature: dracaena, ficuses, clivia and others. The schoolchildren will be accompanied by turtles, goldfish and parrots. Attention is drawn to their flowering and fruiting.

Biodiversity of the plant world.
The tour is held in the exposition greenhouse, aimed at high school students with in-depth study of biology and students. Introduces plants whose beneficial properties have long been known to people: representatives of the Euphorbiaceae family, asparagus, myrtle, home doctor - aloe tree and aloe vera and others.

The world of citrus plants.
The tour is conducted through the unique greenhouse of citrus plants - lemonarium.
Limonarium is the only and unique greenhouse of fruit citrus plants in the Republic of Belarus. About 100 varieties of citrus fruits are collected here: 60 varieties of lemons, 15 varieties of oranges, 10 varieties of tangerines and 10 varieties of grapefruits, as well as such rare citrus fruits as kinkans (fortunello, kumquat), citrons, calamondins (citrofortunello).
The world of sunny fruits and the indescribable aroma of flowers of lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits will leave an indelible impression for a long time.

world of solar plants.
The tour is held in the greenhouse of citrus plants - lemonarium - for preschoolers and schoolchildren in grades 1-11. In the greenhouse filled with healing air, you can get acquainted with the varietal variety of lemons, oranges and grapefruits, see how feijoa, papaya and figs grow, as well as pay attention to the pomello of the Bogatyr variety selected by the Central Botanical Garden and toy calamondin.

Apothecary garden.
The tour is conducted through the collection of medicinal, pharmacopoeial and spicy-aromatic plants. Here you can see clary sage and medicinal sage, smell the aroma of savory and lavender, note the differences between medicinal and seaside wormwood, see and smell different types of mint, and much more. The guide, in turn, will talk about their application in everyday life.

Decorative coniferous plants.
The tour is conducted through the arboretum of the botanical garden, including the sectors of the Far East, North America, Europe, Siberia, the Crimea and the Caucasus, and Central Asia. During the tour you will be able to get acquainted with various types of spruce and larch, two-, three- and five-coniferous pines, junipers and cypresses, thujas and yews.

With the time of the tour, terms of order and payment can be found here (in Russia).
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A.01.24 - Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
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The Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the largest center in the country for the conservation of biodiversity of living plants, a leading scientific institution in the field of introduction, acclimatization, physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and plant ecology. Research and practical work in the field of plant introduction ensured the creation of a gene pool of decorative and economically useful introduced plants from more than 15 thousand names.

In accordance with the Charter, the main goal of the Central Botanical Garden is to conduct scientific research in the field of introduction, botany, physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology, ecology, green building and phytodesign, rational sustainable use and protection of flora resources, as well as the preservation of the gene pool of plants of the world flora .
The Central Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical institutions in Belarus. In 1999, by decision of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, it was given the status of a scientific object constituting a national treasure. The Central Botanical Garden has been declared a botanical natural monument of republican significance and a historical and cultural value. Today it is a unique natural object of landscape gardening art, combining the functions of a metropolitan landmark and the most important cultural, educational, environmental, educational and educational center.

Main directions of scientific and scientific-technical activity:
- efficient use, renewal and protection of flora resources;
- identification of physiological and biochemical patterns and mechanisms of formation of resistance and productivity of plants;
- creation of scientific foundations for the introduction, protection, selection and management of acclimatization processes and - biological productivity of economically useful plants based on traditional and modern methods of biotechnology and genetic engineering;
- biological monitoring, ecology;
- industrial botany;
- green building and phytodesign;
- use of plant resources in industry, agriculture, medicine;
- solution of problems of biosafety of biological methods and technologies.

Promising areas of work of the Central Botanical Garden:
- development of scientific foundations and practical measures for the effective sustainable use of plant resources in the economy and social sphere of the country, for the conservation of the gene pool of rare and endangered species and habitats of representatives of the Belarusian flora.
- creation of new competitive varieties of decorative, medicinal, spicy-aromatic, bioenergetic plants and projects of original decorative compositions for various landscaping objects, incl. interiors.
- development of effective methods for accelerated production of planting material based on in vitro culture and methods for identification and protection against bacterial and viral infection in order to obtain a healthy planting material.
- study of the genetic diversity of plants and plant communities, their habitats and ecosystems, solving problems of systematics and taxonomy using traditional and molecular genetic approaches.
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Partners interested in purchasing services for conducting thematic excursions in various areas of the botanical garden under a distribution services agreement.
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