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Automated modular membrane water treatment plant with productivity from 10 to 100 m3 / h










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The Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry offers consumers an automated modular membrane water treatment plant with productivity of 10 to 100 m3 / h under a manufacturing agreement.
The principle of operation of an automated modular membrane water treatment plant based on hollow fiber membranes, developed at the institute, is based on low-pressure dead-end ultrafiltration, which ensures complete removal of bacterial contaminants and colloidal particles with sizes from 0.05 microns and above. During the development of the unit, a modular layout principle was applied. The installation consists of the following blocks:
* dosing unit for chemical reagents,
* pre-cleaning unit,
* ultrafiltration unit,
* regeneration unit by backwashing and air scrubbing.
Operating mode: automatic.

The installation is intended for:
• purification of water from surface and artesian sources up to standard indicators for drinking and process (for heat and power needs) water;
• water preparation before ion exchange and reverse osmosis;
• minimization of clarifier effluents;
• treatment of make-up water for cooling towers;
• cleaning of condensates.

The Institute offers consumers automated modular membrane water treatment plants with productivity of 10 to 100 m3 / h under a manufacturing agreement.
Advantages and Innovations
The use of membrane technologies in the process of pretreatment of water provides a number of advantages over traditional methods:
- higher quality of cleaning;
- independence of the quality indicators of the process from seasonal fluctuations in the composition and temperature of the treated water;
- reduction in 10..20 times the need for coagulants;
- reduction of occupied areas4
- reduction of capital and operating costs.

Membrane technologies provide reliable barrier filtration, allow obtaining the necessary quality indicators in one stage of water treatment, are characterized by low reagent and energy consumption, compact equipment, ease of installation, ease of management, and control of the cleaning process. The modular design principle allows the manufacture of plants of various capacities and configurations (depending on the customer's requirements).
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Installations operate in the following organizations:
- Osipovicheskaya mini-CHP since 2011;
- Mini-CHP "Vostochnaya", Vitebsk;
- Boilerhouse "Zapadnaya" of the branch "Gomel Heating Networks" of RUE "Gomelenergo";
- Science and Technology Center (Saudi Arabia);
- Xenan Constant MR Technology (China).

In 2012, the institute, together with JSC "Belenergoremnaladka", organized the production of automated modular membrane water treatment plants.
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Patent BY No. 8605.
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E.36.0 - Water collection, treatment and supply
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The Institute occupies a leading position in the world in the development, manufacture, and use of ion-exchange fibrous materials. The Institute's successful work in the field of creating polymer membranes and membrane technologies, artificial substrates for growing plants, fine organic synthesis, the development of new biologically active compositions, drug substances is widely known.

The Institute carries out international scientific and technical cooperation within the framework of direct agreements with scientific institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Sweden, China, etc. firms of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Korea, Russia, USA.
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Consumers interested in purchasing an automated modular membrane water treatment plant with productivity from 10 to 100 m3 / h under a manufacturing agreement.
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