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Yuri Tsarenko
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The Institute of Technical Acoustics offers consumers a device for ultrasonic hardtning and finishing under a manufacturing agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
Purpose: for hardening and smoothing with an ultrasonic frequency tool of parts made of steels, including thermally and chemically-thermally treated, cast irons, non-ferrous metals and alloys; for processing flat, cylindrical, conical and shaped surfaces of rotation.

Scope: hardening of parts of engines and automobiles, equipment and tools, deburring of parts after machining, surface treatment of welds.

Ultrasonic treatment is performed by dynamic pulsed introduction of a hard-alloy indenter into the surface layer of the workpiece. Deformation of the surface layer leads to plastic crushing of microroughnesses and the formation of work hardening, as a result of which the roughness decreases, the microhardness increases, residual compressive stresses are formed, the microstructure becomes denser, the dislocation density increases inside the grains, and a nanostructure is formed in a thin near-surface layer.
Advantages and Innovations
Advantages: processing of parts of any complex shape; the depth of the hardened layer is 200÷400 µm; surface roughness increases by 2-3 classes compared to the original.
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Implemented by: JSC "558 ARZ" (Baranovichi).
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies
Maritime Industry and Services

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C.32.99 - Other manufacturing n.e.c.
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The activities of the Institute correspond to the priority areas of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of the country and the Vitebsk region. The Institute conducts fundamental and applied research, as well as carries out scientific and technical developments within the framework of the state scientific research programs, the regional scientific and technical program, republican and international projects of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR), individual projects and grants in fields of semiconductor physics, magnetoelectric phenomena, ultrasonic vibrations, thermoelastic phase transformations, etc.

Scientific directions of the Institute:
- study of the impact of concentrated energy flows on condensed media and physical processes;
- development of methods and technologies for obtaining materials for functional and special purposes.

Under the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Technical Acoustics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, a branch of the Republican Center for Technology Transfer was established, the main activities of which are:
- support for innovation and technology transfer in the field of using concentrated energy flows (ultrasound, laser radiation, high frequency electromagnetic fields, ion-plasma flows, high-temperature synthesis) on the structure and properties of condensed media; synthesis of new composite, structural and ceramic materials with specified physical and mechanical properties in an ultrasonic field; metal processing by thermal methods, pressure and powerful ultrasound; development of new instruments and equipment, creation of new information technologies;
- promoting the development of innovative entrepreneurship and expanding international partnerships in the field of innovation of scientific developments;
- assistance in the implementation of state policy in the field of small and medium-sized innovative businesses in the creation of new technologies, the development of new instruments and equipment.

The Institute established the Republican Center for Ultrasound Technologies, which is an interdisciplinary scientific and technical center (cluster) of advanced scientific research. The center was established with the aim of developing new highly efficient processes and materials processing devices, creating new functional materials to improve the quality of manufactured products, reduce costs and improve the safety of production using powerful ultrasound. The expected scientific results of the work of the center are aimed at obtaining new scientific knowledge about the impact of acoustic impacts on:
- structure formation and properties of materials;
- technological processes;
- thermoelastic phase transformations in materials with shape memory.

The expected practical results are aimed at mastering new technologies and developing unique equipment with a high export potential.
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Consumers interested in purchasing ultrasonic hardening and finishing devices under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing ultrasonic hardening and finishing devices under a distribution services agreement.
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