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Ekaterina Shegidevich
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Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry offers manufacturers of cooked sausages complex the food additive under a manufacturing or license agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
It is used for the production of boiled sausages (sausages, frankfurters, sausages) of all grades, including the highest.
Allows you to get about 150% of the final output of products in vapour-moisture-proof polymer casings. Regardless of the grade and composition of the main raw material (including poultry), the dosage of the STM-5 stabilizer is 800 - 900 g per 100 kg of the main raw material.

The additive is functional, therefore, when using it, it is necessary to add food phosphates to meat raw materials in pure form or as part of phosphate-containing aromatics (as a rule, the dosage of the latter for a yield of 150% is 650-750 g with a content of 40 ± 3% phosphates in it).

When stuffing minced meat into a natural moisture-permeable casing, the total mass of moisture (50 kg) is increased by the corresponding percentage of its loss (+ 6-10%, i.e. 3-5 kg ​​of water, snow or ice) through the casing during roasting.

The specialists of the institute are ready to go to the enterprise to carry out trial production of products with the provision of samples of food additives, as well as to develop and provide regulatory and technological documentation free of charge when concluding a contract for the purchase of additives.

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To obtain a finished product yield of about 150%, the concentration of added food phosphates to the laying of 100 kg of the main raw material should be 250-350 g.
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C.10.11 - Processing and preserving of meat
C.10.51 - Operation of dairies and cheese making
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
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The activities of the Institute are aimed at improving and scientific support of the dairy and meat industry of the Republic of Belarus and include the following main areas:
→ Development and production of bacterial starters, baby food products, as well as functional food additives for the meat and dairy industry.
→ Development of new types of products, resource- and energy-saving, innovative and import-substituting technologies and equipment for the production of dairy and meat products.
→ Development of new technologies and methods for sanitizing technological equipment and production facilities.
→ Development of modern organizational and economic approaches and mechanisms aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the meat and dairy industry.
→ Conducting tests of raw materials and finished products in terms of quality and safety.
→ Standardization and regulation in the meat and dairy industry.
→ Scientific and technological support of the meat and dairy industry, provision of scientific, methodological and consulting assistance to specialists of enterprises, participation in the development and implementation of state and industry programs.

Scientific research carried out by the Institute is relevant, reflects the real needs of the meat and dairy industry and is aimed at reducing resource consumption, import substitution, increasing the biological value of products, expanding their range. The Institute is one of the leading enterprises in the development of technologies and new types of products for the meat and dairy industry.
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Manufacturers of cooked sausages interested in purchasing the complex food additive under a manufacturing or license agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing the complex food additive under a distribution servicesn agreement.
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> 500 MNE
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SME 51-250
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