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Filters for chemical water treatment systems of large enterprises










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Aleksandr Korzun
EDB "Academicheskoe" offers consumers filters for chemical water treatment systems of large enterprises using large volumes of water on the basis of a production agreement and is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The filters produced by the Company are used in chemical water treatment systems of large enterprises, where large volumes of water are needed. The enterprise produces ion-exchange, cation-exchange, mixed action filters with internal regeneration, iron removal filters, traps, etc.), with a capacity of up to 160 m3/h and an operating pressure of up to 1.6 MPa and can be equipped, depending on the purpose, with various types of distribution devices and filtering elements.

Filters 1FV.000, 2FV.000, 3FV.000 are designed for water purification from mechanical impurities.

The FV1.00.000 filter is designed for water iron removal.

Filter 2FV.000 is used for drinking water filtration. The inner surface of the filter is covered with an epoxy coating for drinking water "Inerta-205".

Main construction materials used in filters: steel 09G2S according to GOST 5520-79, steel 20 according to GOST 1050-88, steel 12Kh18N10T according to GOST 5632-72.

Working pressure, MPa0.8 0.60.4 0.3
 Operating temperature, deg С from plus 5 to plus 50 from plus 5 to plus 50   from plus 5 to plus 40 no more than plus 50
 Working medium  water, filter material  water, sand
filter material
filter material
 Inner diameter, mm 10002900
 Internal volume, cu. m  1.55  18.8 1.71
 Overall dimensions, mm 1188x2330 3340x3112x33601144x1008x2530  4010x2080
 Weight (without filter material), kg  460 3600
 491 2500
 Main structural material 2Х18Н10Т  GOST 5632-72 09Г2С GOST 5520-79
 12Х18Н10Т GOST 5632-72  09Г2С  GOST 5520-79

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Highly qualified staff. Innovative technologies.
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Aeronautics, Space and Dual-Use Technologies
Intelligent Energy
Maritime Industry and Services

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NACE keywords
C.25.29 - Manufacture of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
C.25.30 - Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
C.25.99 - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
M.72.19 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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Additional comments
EDB "Academicheskoe", at the present stage of its development, is a diversified design, production and research complex with a closed cycle, from the design of various types of products (reservoir equipment, capacitive equipment and process equipment based on them) to their manufacture and commissioning adjustments in the field:
* science and scientific services (including in the field of nuclear energy);
* chemical apparatus building (for the oil and gas complex and chemical enterprises);
* power engineering (heat-exchange equipment and technological equipment with its use and the use of pressure vessels);
* milk processing (UF, RO, CIP-washers, neutralization plants, dispersers, emulsifiers, pumps of various types and purposes, etc.);
* water treatment (water filters, various types and capacities);
* alcohol production;
* pharmaceutical industry;
* airfield equipment and others.

EDB "Academicheskoe" is one of the leading enterprises with extensive experience in the manufacture of import-substituting equipment in the chemical, oil and gas and nuclear engineering in the Republic of Belarus (licenses No. 02300/544-4 of the Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus and licenses No. -1 Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus).

EDB "Academicheskoe" is the leading nuclear engineering enterprise in the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise is a supplier of equipment to the State Corporation of Russia "ROSATOM" and is currently equipping power units of the Belarusian NPP with equipment.

The enterprise has the technological capabilities to perform various types of machining (turning, milling, grinding, jig boring, welding, rolling, bending, etc.), welding (products made of carbon, stainless steels, copper, aluminum and titanium alloys) and control of finished products (radiographic, ultrasonic and capillary flaw detection, hydraulic testing, as well as an implemented and operating quality management system for design and manufacture that meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015 (certificate of conformity No. BY/112 05.01.031 until 02.10.2020).

The enterprise offers mutually beneficial cooperation in the development and joint manufacture of equipment, cooperation, with the supply of manufactured equipment to enterprises in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and other countries.
Certification standards
The design and manufacturing quality management system complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 (Certificate of Conformity No. BY/112 05.01.031).
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Information about partnership

Type of partnership considered
Distribution services agreement
Manufacturing agreement
Type and role of partner sought
Consumers interested in purchasing filters for chemical water treatment systems of large enterprises using large volumes of water under a manufacturing agreement.

Partners interested in purchasing filters for chemical water treatment systems of large enterprises using large volumes of water under a distribution services agreement.
Type and size of partner sought
> 500
SME 51-250
SME 11-50
SME <= 10
R&D Institution
Sole proprietor


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