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Automated IR irradiation system for weaned piglets










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Alexander Budzevich
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Scientific and Practical Center for Animal Husbandry offers consumers services for the development of methods for intensifying production processes using an automated IR irradiation system for weaned piglets, which maintains specified microclimate parameters and provides various modes of irradiation of piglets during the day and as they grow, under an outsourcing agreement and is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement.
The IR system is designed to intensify production processes by irradiating weaned piglets in the biologically active wavelength range and maintaining comfortable microclimate parameters. The main equipment includes: electric infrared emitters, a mobile system for their suspension, digital units for regulating radiation parameters. The design is based on the creation of an infrared field that ensures a reduction in radiant heat transfer from animals and maintains a constant ratio of the intensity of convection and radiation heat transfer over time. The characteristics and placement of emitters, the algorithm for changing radiation parameters are found from solving the problem of minimizing energy consumption under the restrictions imposed by veterinary and sanitary standards, the laws of heat exchange and the propagation of radiant flux. The system maintains specified microclimate parameters and provides various irradiation modes for piglets throughout the day and as they grow .
Advantages and Innovations
The IR system allows you to increase the safety of young animals by up to 10% and increase live weight gain by 10..15%, as well as reduce the consumption of fuel and energy resources for heating by almost 2 times. As a result, the profit due to increased weight gain and reduced heating costs on just one piglet for 2 months will be about 10 US dollars.
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A technological regulation for the design of an automated irradiation system for weaned piglets has been developed (No. 6/2013 dated 08/14/2013). The system was designed and installed at the Republican Unitary Enterprise "ZhodinoAgroPlemElita" in the section for rearing weaned piglets.
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A.01.41 - Raising of dairy cattle
A.01.45 - Raising of sheep and goats
A.01.46 - Raising of swine/pigs
M.72.11 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology
M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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The Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Husbandry is the only scientific center in the country conducting research in the field of selection, reproduction, housing technology and effective feeding rations for farm animals. Coordinates the activities of four subsidiary unitary enterprises. The main goal of the Scientific and Practical Center is to concentrate the scientific potential of the republic on increasing the efficiency of livestock production through comprehensive scientific research and the introduction of scientific developments into production, their author's support, as well as improving the qualifications of livestock specialists through courses, seminars, conferences, graduate school and doctoral studies.

The main directions of scientific and scientific-technical activities of the organization are:
- Conducting fundamental and applied research aimed at developing effective methods for accelerated breeding process and reproduction of farm animals;
- Improving the breeding of new breeds, crosses, types and lines of farm animals (dairy and beef cattle, pigs, horses and sheep), birds and fish;
- Development of environmentally friendly technologies for feeding, keeping, reproduction and use of animals, ensuring maximum manifestation of their genetic potential with minimal costs of labor, energy and feed;
- Development of new compositions of mixed feed and feed additives based on local sources of raw materials;
- Finding ways to increase the efficiency of transformation of feed energy into livestock products;
- Development of therapeutic, preventive and diagnostic veterinary drugs;
- Improving the technology of feeding, keeping and using animals, birds and fish;
- Training of scientific personnel and advanced training of zootechnical specialists.
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Consumers interested in purchasing services for the development of methods for intensifying production processes using an automated IR irradiation system for weaned piglets, maintaining specified microclimate parameters and providing various irradiation modes for piglets during the day and as they grow under an outsourcing agreement.

Partners interested in in providing services for the development of methods for intensifying production processes using an automated IR irradiation system for weaned piglets under a distribution services agreement.
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