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Methodology for the implementation of sociological monitoring of the economic, social, cultural development of rural regions of Belarus










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Irina Lisovskaya
The Institute of Sociology offers consumers services for measuring the indicators of economic, social, cultural development of rural areas using the developed methodology under an outsourcing agreement.
The methodology is aimed at the annual measurement of indicators of economic, social, cultural development of rural areas based on the generalization of statistical data and public opinion polls, taking into account the main indicators of the National Strategy for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus for the period up to 2030 (NSSD 2030).

The methodology was developed taking into account the specifics of socio-economic development and the social structure of rural regions and is focused on obtaining integrated indicators of the economic, social, cultural development of regions based on a comprehensive analysis of statistical data and public opinion assessments with the identification of problems specific to a particular region (settlement, district , regions).
Advantages and Innovations
The methodology will make it possible to determine the degree of implementation of the main indicators of the NSSD-2030 in rural regions in the context of administrative-territorial units, to obtain real assessments of the development of the socio-economic, cultural, migration potential of rural regions and the conditions for realizing the potential of the rural population, removing barriers that hinder this potential. As a result, an economic effect is achieved associated with a better satisfaction of the various needs of the population, an increase in its demand in the labor market, its financial literacy and well-being, competitiveness and prestige of rural regions. The objective results obtained in the course of monitoring will contribute to the adoption of sound management decisions and the formation of effective policies at the regional and local levels.
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The Institute of Sociology is the leading research institution in Belarus working in the field of sociology. The Institute conducts research on a republican representative sample, including 7 regions (oblasts and Minsk), within which 6 territorial zones are allocated (from the level of regional centers to rural settlements). The quality of the conducted research is ensured with the help of an extensive and flexible survey network of professional interviewers. The network allows high-quality and efficient research in all regions of the country. Carrying out telephone interviews by experienced specialists based on the computerized CATI ASSO system. The system allows you to select respondents in any region of the country, carefully monitor the progress of the study, and check the effectiveness of any call.

The advantages of the institute are high-quality data collection on a scientifically based sample, representative of the gender, age, education and place of residence of the respondents, the use of scientifically based approaches to the analysis of practical tasks of customers, as well as to the collection, analysis and description of data, a reputation proven by the most complex tasks and demanding clients Institute of Sociology as a state scientific institution.
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Consumers interested in services for measuring indicators of economic, social, cultural development of rural areas using the developed methodology under an outsourcing agreement.
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