Top 10 Cities in the World for AI Startups

  1. As the base of massively successful companies such as OpenAI, San Francisco leads in AI innovation, with a total score 3.3 times higher than Beijing.
  2. Beijing's position is 4 spots higher than its overall global rank, strengthens its strategic focus and governmental policies aim to elevate its position.
  3. Just one spot behind Beijing, New York's AI sector is supported by a diverse industrial base and a small total score difference with Beijing, suggesting a high competition with its Chinese counterpart.
  4. Los Angeles, ranking 4th like its overall global rank, is developing a strong presence in artificial intelligence, with startups like Beyond Limits, which provides AI solutions for industries such as manufacturing, and OpenPath, which applies AI to enhance security systems.
  5. London ranks 5th, standing out as Europe's AI capital despite being two spots lower than its global standing, driven by substantial venture capital funding and key AI companies.
  6. At 6th place, Boston's proximity to top universities like MIT and Harvard, as well as a history of tech innovation foster a an attractive AI opportunities.
  7. Ranking 7th, Paris surpasses its overall global position by two spots, propelled by significant tech company investments like Mistral AI.
  8. Ranked 8th, Tel Aviv-Yafo's AI sector outperforms its general global standing by two positions, highlighted by startups like Hailo and strong support from accelerators like TechStars.
  9. In 9th place Shenzhen's AI achievements, supported by hefty investments and regulatory backing, mark it as a key technological hub, outperforming by seven spots in AI compared to its overall rank.
  10. At 10th, Seattle ranks two spots higher than its overall rank, benefiting from substantial investments by tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon.

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