Webinar: IP Commercialization and Licensing (10.03.2021)


RCTT invites all interested to participate in the webinar "IP Commercialization and Licensing". This webinar will make you familiar with key questions and aspects related to technology transfer.

After the training, participants should be able to answer the following main questions:

  • What is a license agreement and when should it be used?
  • What are the main differences between a license agreement and other contracts? (assignment and distribution agreement).
  • What are the options for the patent owner to take advantage of a patent?
  • Are there more options for an SME than to build a product (based on IP) and sell it?
  • When does licensing make sense?
  • Best practice case studies in technology licensing.

This webinar is a free of charge.
Webinar will be held on 10 March 2021 at 10:30-11:45 (CET) (12:30-13:45 Minsk time).
The webinar language is English.

Registration is open on the webpage of the webinar: https://intellectual-property-helpdesk.ec.europa.eu/news-events/events/webinar-ip-commercialisation-and-licensing_en.

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