Dutch-based internationally operating company within the automotive sector is looking for a solution to down-size electric motors of automotive auxiliaries through efficient rotor and stator stacks


Dutch-based internationally operating company known for its innovative solutions in the automotive sector, is looking for a solution to down-size electric motors through efficient rotor and stator stacks in order to make them lighter and cheaper. The company wants to contribute to reducing the amount of emitted carbon dioxide (CO2). This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open internet-platform.

The partners the company is looking for are specialists in innovative technical solutions on stator and rotor constructions, materials knowledge, joining techniques, measurement of motor efficiency, and so on.

Disciplines the company may need are partners with innovative expertise and knowledge in:

  • material competence like magnetic flux design,
  • magnetic sheet metals and electric motors,
  • soft-magnetic materials,
  • electrical designing of rotor and stator constructions,
  • joining connection technology, like laser welding and gluing,
  • tool technology in relation to stamping / stacking tool design and
  • measuring and testing of motor efficiency.

Various collaborations and roles of the partners are conceivable. From qualifying and testing the stacks to proof efficiency improvement, developing ideas and technology (whether or not patented) to make the stacks more efficient, to finding the right material combination and joining techniques, which might result in a supplier and knowledge partner. The prototypes will be made by the company itself.

The company itself is willing to cooperate during the whole process from the exploring, designing, testing up to the final implementation stage and will provide the partner with all necessary information.

The company interested in a technical cooperation agreement, a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a manufacturing agreement, or any other form that fits the purpose of this challenge.

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