A Greek company is looking for metal surface coating services under an outsourcing agreement


A Greek engineering company is active in the field of hydrogen production from renewable and conventional sources, as well as for power production via hydrogen and fuel cells.

The company is looking for an experienced partner, possessing a suitable metal surface coating technology. The scope of the request is the coating of thin Iron-Chromium-Aluminium (FeCrAl) alloy metal sheets, with a ceramic substrate preferably via spraying deposition. The procedure is preferable to be automated in order to allow reproducible coating results. The desired coating film thickness is about 0,1 mm. The dimensions of the thin metal sheet may vary as follows Width: 25 cm, Lenght: 30..60 cm while its thickness is 0,05..0,1 mm. Between the repeating cycles of spraying/drying, a step of calcination may be necessary.

The Greek company is looking for companies that possess the technology and the capabilities to provide the required surfaces. Τhe type of partnership sought is outsourcing agreement.

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