Black Sea Medical & Healthcare Online Matchmaking Event (13-14.07.2021)


Republican Centre for Technology Transfer as a co-organizer invites R&D and industry experts, innovation SMEs to participate in the Black Sea Medical & Healthcare Online Matchmaking Event, which will be held on July 13-14, 2021.

The match-making event that is organized by Samsun CCI in the framework of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) project with the EEN partners from Hungary, Bosnia- Herzegovina brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of countries.

Sectors represented at the event in special are:

  1. Medical / Surgical Instruments
  2. Medical / Surgical Equipment
  3. Medical / Surgical Textile
  4. Medical / Surgical Implants
  5. Medical / Surgical Services
  6. Medical / Surgical Furniture
  7. Pharmaceutical Products
  8. Other Healthcare Related Products/Services
  9. Medical / Surgical Research and/or Innovation

Why participate?

  • As purchaser - find qualified suppliers during effective one-to one meetings
  • As market/sales manager - find new customers
  • As product developer - find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

Participation to the event is free of charge.

Registration is open until 12 July 2021.